I Heart Target

Had to go to the store the other day to get some wrapping paper.  But not any ole wrapping paper, red and white wrapping paper.  In order to bring the magic of Santa closer this year, we decided to get some red and white striped paper like they have in The Polar Express.  While all of those gifts weren’t red and white, the main gifts were.

Now, it is especially difficult to find plain red and white paper and the only two stores we haven’t been to was Target and KMart.  Where we live Target was easier to get to so I decided to go there first.  They didn’t have PLAIN red and white paper, but they did have this holographic kind and another kind with red glitter.  Unfortunately, there were only 3 rolls total of the paper…but it turned out to be just enough with a mix of the 2 kinds.  After Christmas though I will make sure to look for it again in the sale bins.

Anyway, upon arriving at Target I decided to take a detour through their baby section as in the past they have always had a decent selection.  Wow.  They had some of the CUTEST baby clothes!!  SOOO much better than Walmart!  AND they were a bit cheaper too!  Not by much, but for example their baby sleepers at Walmart were $7, at Target they were $6…AND they were on sale for $5!!  Their little pants were $4 where at Walmart they are $4.50.  And did I mention they were cuter than Walmart?

I have to go shopping for Podling soon since she is outgrowing her 3-6m clothes…and I know I am going to go to Target after the holidays!  Top it off that they had the paper I was looking for AND the drill bit I needed to put something in Babyhead’s room!!  Target is my new favorite store!



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