Totally diggin’ my new digital cable.

We don’t have a stereo.  The old one broke and since we have our computers we just never gotten around to buying a new one.  I want one…but it is very low on the priority list.  And thanks to Digital Cable, I it is now even lower.

I don’t know how many, but we get a TON of digital music stations through our cable tv.  There is 2 or 3 “networks” and there is everything from Opera to rock ‘n roll.  I often listen to one of the several bluegrass stations!  I love bluegrass!  You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the Country…

Anyway, the great thing is since we have tuners in both bedrooms as well I can put the same station on each tv and not have to turn it up real loud so I can hear it through the house if I am cleaning.  It is also great since it feels weird to have the TV off, but you don’t want to WATCH tv…I can just put it on a music station!

They also have a seasonal music station with Christmas songs on it.  That will be great when we decorate our tree and have people over…I can turn that station on and we can listen to Christmas music.  It even has some Christmas music from rock ‘n roll artists that I have never heard.

I have a couple of posts in my mind about Christmas gifts for those who have everything…stay tuned!


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