Meet Goober the Fish

Babyhead had been talking about Fish getting sick all week and keeps asking about him.  While there is only so much an almost 4yr old can understand, he knew that something wasn’t right and Fish was gone.

The worst part was DH got really sick Friday night/Saturday and was running a 102 temp.  So of course we had to tell Babyhead that Daddy was sick and to please leave him alone in the bedroom so he could rest.

This upset Babyhead and kept asking DH if he was better yet.  You could see the concern in his little eyes.  I mean, if Fish got sick and went away, then it stands to reason that if Daddy was sick he could go away too.

We continued to point out that Fish couldn’t tell us that he was sick so we couldn’t help him…but that even though Daddy was sick, he could tell us he was sick and we could give him medicine.  By Sunday DH was well though for the most part and you could tell the weight had just lifted right off of Babyhead.  He couldn’t get close enough to DH when we finally determined that DH probably wasn’t contaminated anymore with the funk and we let Babyhead sit with him [DH].

So, today we went to Petsmart and got another fish.  We weren’t going to get another Betta, but at the last minute decided to let Babyhead decide since it was his fish after all.  We showed him the gold fish and the others there that were listed as freshwater and suitable for a smaller tank.

Then we showed him the Bettas and he decided he liked the red on him.  We quizzed Babyhead about a name and at first he wanted to name him Fish.  We told him that he had to choose a different name since he was a different fish and we went through some names he could choose.  He finally settled on Goober.

A.K.A. Fish the Second

A.K.A. Fish the Second

Here’s to you, Goober fish…may you significantly outlive your predecessor.


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  1. Long live Goober fish!