What Now?

Well, we woke up this morning and Fish was dead.  It was quite sad actually as Babyhead was a little confused and said, “fish can’t swim”.  He had been looking sickly for a few days but we weren’t really sure what was going on.  Thinking maybe we overfed him, we started feeding him less.  We checked the water temp.  Yesterday he was actually looking better…I was going to change out his water today in case there was a buildup of something in there.

So how do you explain death to a 4yr old?  I told him that sometimes people get sick and die and that Fish couldn’t tell us what was wrong so that we could help him.  Babyhead started to cry and said we needed to get more food…I told him that I didn’t think food had anything to do with it.

It is very hard to see your child upset over something like this.  However, I don’t believe in lying to kids either.  I know my mom used to lie to us all the time about what happened to pets we had.  Sometimes she just didn’t want them anymore and they would disappear while we were at school, then she would say they ran away.  When I would find out what really happend (either she got rid of them or they died) I would be so mad at her…so I don’t feel like it is right to lie to him.

DH wants to go right out and get him another fish.  While this makes sense to a degree I also don’t want him thinking living things are replaceable like that.  I realize he is only 4…but kids learn these things over time.  Besides, we don’t know why Fish died so I want to make sure to clean his tank very well before we put another fish in there to potentially meet the same fate.

I don’t think we will get him another Betta though.  I think we will stick with a good  ‘ole hearty Goldfish.  I had some goldfish that I couldn’t kill for nothing.  I had those fish for years and got to the point I just couldn’t care for them anymore.  I finally put them in my sisters fish pond only to be eaten by the cat!

Anyway, poor fish.  I truly hope he didn’t suffer too much.  There is just only so much you can do with a fish when they get sick.  Maybe the next one will live a bit longer.

R.I.P. Fish

R.I.P. Fish - You Will Be Missed


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