‘Tis the season…for fraud.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about all the phising scams I tend to get in my email box.  Usually they are so far off base that I never look at them and just delete them, but today I actually got one that was relevant to me and made me think twice.  Of course I was suspicious and called the company directly and foudn it was, indeed, a phishing scam…I am really glad I didn’t try to click on the link in the email!

Here is an edited screen shot of the 2 emails I received…click for larger view:



As you can see they are both identical with the exception of the subject line and the the sending email address.

If you suspect you have been sent a phishing scam, contact that company and see if they have their own procedures for dealing with it (sometimes they will have an email address to forward the email to for their own records) and forward the email to the FTC’s spam email address: spam@uce.gov…they keep a database to help in prosecuting those who send the emails.

Make sure to be extra vigilant and watch out for this shit this year!  With the economy like it is I am sure more people are going to be trying to pull these stunts.


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  1. vesta44

    I’ve gotten a ton of those emails, all for banks with which we don’t do business and credit card accounts we don’t have. We do business with a small, local bank and I have yet to receive an email saying to go online using the provided link to check our account. I’ve gotten a lot of those phishing scams about Paypal, so many that I don’t even bother to report them anymore, Paypal can’t do anything about them. I never click on a link in those types of emails, if I want to check an account, I use the link I have bookmarked for that account.

    [The usual ones I get are for banks or cards we don’t use either, but this time they actually hit a target with me and set me back a few steps. I am always wary of those emails anyway and never click on any information in them, but I do know some people that has fallen for those kinds of tricks.]