A Child Shall Lead Them

Dying Boy Makes Final Wish to Feed Homeless

Just imagine what you might do if a doctor said you have only two weeks left to live.

For 11-year-old Brenden Foster of Bothell, Wash., who was given that prognosis earlier this year after learning he was suffering from leukemia last December, the answer was probably not what you’d expect.

“I was coming back from one of my clinic appointments and I saw this big thing of homeless people and then I thought I should just get them something,” Foster said.

Instead of asking for an expensive toy or a fancy vacation, he decided to focus all his remaining energy on feeding the homeless.

“They’re probably starving, so give them a chance,” he said.


At the Union Rescue Mission, 2,500 meals have been served in Foster’s honor. On the paper bags, volunteers write, “Love, Brenden” in marker to keep his legacy alive.

“When I told him he was dying, he cried,” his mother recalled. “And he said, ‘When I get to heaven I’m going to ask God why it had to be so soon because I had so much more I wanted to do.’ Everything that he wanted to do was to help others and to benefit others.”


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