Adventures in Insanity (or rather our trip to the city)

Dh’s cousin decided as a treat for Babyhead getting potty trained to take him on the train and visit the children’s museum in the city last Saturday.  Not wanting to be left behind yet again with the baby I decided I would go with them…with the baby.  All it would take would be a little planning right?

Bottles…check.  Extra clothes for Podling…check.  Extra diapers…check.  Pants for BH….check.  Underwear for BH in case of accidents…check.  Double stroller…check.  Coats…check.  Everything should go smoothly…


Here is how the day went…

We get up and we drag our feet until the last minute and get at the train platform late.  Realize there are no ticket machines at this station … doh! … pack the kids back up and drive to an ATM get cash for a ticket on the train.

We get back to the station and realize that the trains are on an off schedule due to track construction. I tell DH to stand near the stroller as the breaks weren’t on it and it was folded up ready to be taken on the train.  He didn’t.  It fell.  Broke an important piece that keeps the infant seat propped up.  Maybe it would work anyway but still a little miffed it was broken at all.

An hour later we get on the train and buy our tickets.  Cousin says to get a round trip ticket as they are often cheaper than getting one ways.  Luckily BH’s ticket and Podling’s are free. Off we go!

About 15 minutes into the 30 minute ride Babyhead is grabbing “himself”.  The image of him drinking a big glass of orange juice in the car that we let him take pops in my mind.  Shit.  He has to pee and there are NO bathrooms on the trains.  “Try to hold it baby, we are almost there.”

Which he could have held it…

…if the construction hadn’t slowed us down…

…right before our stop he peed himself.


Now what?

We just have to change him right there on the train.  Dh gets the underwear and the pants out of the bag and trying to draw as little attention as possible change his clothes…

…then I realize he was sitting on his feet…

…that means his socks and shoes are wet too.


No extra socks or shoes.  He will just have to walk around with them wet and hope he doesn’t get blisters.  Well, I guess it could be worse.  Podling decides to be fussy and want a bottle.  On the train.  *sigh*  Uncap a bottle, put the formula in, shake.  Ok, she is satisfied for the time being.  Screaming baby on the train crisis averted.  Let just hope there isn’t another crisis.

We get off the train and they can’t decide which way we have to go up street level to get to the children’s museum.  After a few minutes of heming and hawing they decide to take the closest elevator to the street.  Sound good.  Let’s just get there…we are on a time schedule people!

We get off the elevator…Oh my freaking god it is C O L D.  The wind is like the arctic tundra.  Shit.  I didn’t think it would be that cold in windy.  I wonder if Podling is warm enough.  Pile on the blankets.

Babyhead has to pee again.

There are no shops open on the weekend on the street close to us.


Run down the street to not only try to get warm but to also find a potty …quick.  Subway was open not too too far down that BH could potty in.  Ok, crisis averted.  Realize that the bar on the stroller, you know the one that broke that we need to hold the car seat in?…it was slidng off.  Dammit.  Gonna have to keep my eye on it so she doesn’t fly off in the road.  Tighten the belt that keeps the car seat in the stroller

We find the road we need to walk down to get to the museum.  Such a short walk has never been so long in the arctic tundra winds.  Walk around and find the “special needs” door so we can get the stroller in since the steps to the main door look like a freakin’ Mayan temple…finally make it into the warm building.

We pay for our tickets…bringing canned goods to get buy one get ones…and after the fact realize that Babyhead’s ticket was free anyway since he wasn’t 4 yet.  Oh well.  Someone will at least have some creamed corn for dinner one day.

The museum itself is neat…though BH would stay in one section all day if we didn’t drag him along…we only had 2 hours until it closed.  Didn’t really bother me though, we were there for him.

The worst part was DH constantly on BH for not wanting to leave which always resulted in a mini tantrum.  It was annoying and embarrasing.  We were there for BH but Dh make it out like we were there for him and getting angry we weren’t seeing what HE wanted to see.

We get hungry.  DH gets pissy as “we should have eaten before we got here.”  Reminded him we had just ate breakfast not long before getting on the train…we weren’t hungry.  Still is pissy as the “food here must be really really over priced.”  I hold my tongue.  Hopefully BH can hold out for a while.  DH rushed us to the point I didn’t get a chance to pack any snacks…which I thought wasn’t a big deal since we could get something at the museum.

Right before we leave BH gets REALLY cranky.  DH gets pissy some more.  I remind him it has been almost 5 hours since we had eaten.  He insists we can’t afford eating at the museum.  I stand my ground and tell him to at least get some damn popcorn and a drink to hold BH off until we can get something to eat somewhere else.  He relents.

We leave and talk about what we are doing to do for food.  Cousin wants the Subway we stopped at earlier.  DH says to wait until we get home and go to Chili’s or somewhere.  We all agree that would be better.  Get to the train station and find our platform.  All trains are running 25minutes late.  Shit.  Well, could be worse.  Train pulls up that shouldn’t be ours but it is…it is the train before the one we were supposed to take.  It was that late.  Everyone on the platform is confused…but we get on the train.

Train ride home is uneventful.  Podling woke up on the last few minutes and gave her a bottle just to make sure she doesn’t start screaming.  We get off the train and make it to the car and pack the kids in.  We head to Chili’s.  There is a 40 minute wait.  DH and cousin don’t want to wait.  We go to Red Robin.  Same thing.  They decide on Burger King.  DH gets pissy…again.  He didn’t want fast food.  I start getting pissy back and ask him what is freakin’ problem is and why he is being such a jerk ass.

Take cousin home.  We go home.  Spend the next hour or so just chilling out.  I remind DH not to play games on the computer as BH will want to stay up and watch.  He tries to start a game anyway.  I get pissy with him again.  Then I head to bed, he comes with me realizing that he was a pissy asshole all day and apologizes.  I realize that if it wasn’t for “that time of the month” he would want some kind of make up sex and I really REALLY wasn’t in the mood for it.  I turn over and go to sleep in my blissfully electric-blanket-warmed bed.

Next time we are going in the spring.


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