Another Major Award!

So I got this earlier in the week, but been extremely busy with therapists and well-child visits and the like that I didn’t have time to write a post.


Thanks to Dee AND Elfninosmom for the award!  Yay!  I guess I have to write 6 things I like?

  1. Pinto beans and cornbread.  Mmmm  Really good with a slice of onion….
  2. Playing video games with my husband or son.  Babyhead and I play Mario Kart on a regular basis.
  3. (Trying) to grow plants…I can’t always keep them alive for some reason.
  4. Adidas tennis shoes.
  5. Taking pictures, even if they suck.
  6. Choosing pumpkins for Halloween…DH jokes that I live for October because I get to choose a pumpkin!

And six bloggers…I don’t know if I KNOW six bloggers…but I will try…

  1. Judith at The Only Thing I Know.
  2. Roop at Roopscoop.
  3. Kell at Life Gets In The Way.
  4. Tracy at The Inner Fire.
  5. Les at Stupid Evil Bastard.
  6. And well…the last would be a tie between the two people that gave me the award…Dee and Elfninosmom.  Why leave anyone out?  😉

And that concludes the list of 99% of blogs I read.  😛  Yea, not many catch my eye long enough to read every day.



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3 responses to “Another Major Award!

  1. Thanks, honey!!!! Going on my bling page now!

  2. You’re welcome, you deserve it. 🙂

  3. YW, Looks like you know at least 7 bloggers.