Could it be?? Dare I Hope?

Two weeks.

It has been two weeks and Babyhead and successfully pooped in the potty BY HIMSELF every.single.time.  At first he only wanted his little potty.  Disgusting, but worth it if it meant I had to no longer clean underwear and clothes.  All I had to do with the little one is rinse/wash it out.  However, a few times he actually went in the “bigger” potty.

Dare I hope that this is the end of size 4 diapers?

Dare I believe it??

Is this the last chapter of the Diaper Chronicles???

Can I finally hope this nightmare of potty training is o v e r ????



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2 responses to “Could it be?? Dare I Hope?

  1. Hand Me Downs

    Potty training is trying. But unless you invest that kind of time, patience and energy, your kid wont be a well trained, well behaved individual will he?


  2. Diapers

    Potty training is important for kids. once trained they get used to it