Finding Yourself

From the archives of my old blog:

Once again I was reading my DailyOm and found an article worth journaling about. Today’s Om spoke about finding your true identity. In the course of life we tend to lose ourselves trying to define our roles in life. We are taught from a young age to act a certain way or speak a certain way to gain approval…though these ways may not be what we truely are.

Compounding this is society who tells us day in and day out how we should act, feel speak, and dress. The fashion industry is a perfect example…you have to be THEIR idea of beautiful in order to be accepted as beautiful…not taking into account there are many of us beautiful women in the world that aren’t that stereotype.

What the article was saying is what some of us already know…in order to find our true selves we must be ourselves no matter the consequences. Stop worrying about what others think, what society thinks…only then will we be free of those chains that bind us to what others want us to be.

In re-discovering youself, you will realize just how much potential you really do have.


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