The Religious Mysticism of Fraggle Rock

There is a bonus episode on on our Fraggle Rock DVD  where Red was going to give a Swimming Extravaganza. However, the human (I forget his name) was fixing the boiler and had the water turned off. When the Pipe Bangers came to make the water run, they beat on the pipes with their special pipe banging sticks…and nothing happened. Red was very upset because she sold tickets for her Swimming Extravaganza and now there was no water in which to swim.

Then Gobo whips out his trusty letter from his uncle and reads of how his uncle witnessed the “strange creatures” cause water to fall from the sky. He told how they would stand under a “sacred pole” (I believe it was a light pole), hold out their hands, then open these “sticks” that had upside down bowls at the top that they called “umbrellas” and held over their heads. Then the water fell from the sky. So, Gobo says that the human guy has an umbrella and Red decided to go and get it. Meanwhile the human guy was still working on the boiler so the water is still turned off.

Red and Gobo get the umbrella and come back to the pipe bangers. She gives the umbrella to the head pipe banger and he exclaims over how special and magickal this “pipe banging stick” was…so he uses the umbrella to once again bang on the pipes. At this time the human guy finishes with the boiler and turns the water back on…so as the head pipe banger is banging on the pipes the water starts to flow. They all exclaim how the new stick worked and how Red saved the day.

When the episode ended, I had a thought of how this was so much like how religion works. Most of us are the Fraggles, some of us are Pipe Bangers. Even though we think we know how god or the powers-that-be work, there is always something that throws us for a loop when something that has always worked before ceases to work. We grasp as straws until something actually works then we, like the head pipe banger, assume it is our new idea or new way of doing things…when in reality, do we really know why or how it worked? How do we know that when we do magick, pray, etc. that when it works that it isn’t the powers-that-be turning the water back on?


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  1. tracya

    me and my kids love fraggle rock!!!!
    everything jim henson did has deeper meanings….gosh, i miss jim henson!!!