Goodbye Comcast, Hello Verizon

Freakin Comcast.  They took away some channels, then up our bill and expect us to not leave them?  I guess they were going to try to get us to switch to their digital…oh well.  I also guess it backfired on them.  They have pissed me off for the last time.

Today Verizon installed their new Fios service.

Now, technically we are saving a ton of money ($50+ a month) by getting the bundle….but I would have paid the same amount just to not have the freakin issues Comcast gave us.  Ever since they put a cap on bandwidth that wasn’t supposed to effect us, I had issues connecting and staying connected…so far I haven’t had any issues with Fios.  Of course that could change and then Verizon would piss me off and we would go back to Comcast…but for now I am totally happy with Verizon.

We also get a free DVR.

Totally cool.

So, hopefully for the next year we have Verizon we will have some smooth sailing…


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