It’s that time of year again!

Punkin Patch time!  We went yesterday and got some decent punkins.  The bad thing was that even though there were some pretty big pumpkins out there, it looked like many of them were chewed by something and were damaged.  That really sucked, but we did find some decent sized pumpkins there weren’t all chewed and scarred.  Make sure to look at my photo blog for pictures (I have run out of space for pix on this one!).

It was also Podling’s first Pumpkin Patch Hayride!  Of course, it wasn’t as exciting as Babyhead’s first since she is so tiny and he was almost a year old for his…but it was a milestone for us all the same.  Halloween is OUR holiday were others prefer Christmas.

I am soo looking forward to dressing the kids up and doing the pumpkins this week…




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  1. That’s weird…I just checked and they worked. I think they are making some changes to WordPress so you may have to check back another day or something.


  2. I clicked over to liquidplaid, and didn’t see the photos. Strange, because the preview showed them. WordPress must be glitching.