When I Die I Want To Be Green…

Dying doesn’t scare me.  Not really.  Well, maybe I am scared of HOW I am going to die…I don’t want to drown or burn up but the thought of not being here anymore doesn’t bother me so much.  DH is scared of dying though and refuses to talk about it.  I keep telling him we need to prepare for that day as in getting living wills, advanced directives, etc. especially since we have children now, but he just always changes the subject.

Yesterday, I was reading an article (not sure where, maybe MSN?) about Green Burials and now a lot of people are opting to do something other than the usual planting in the ground.  If you do a bit of research you can find all kinds of options now from wicker caskets to having a tree planted on top of you as a memorial instead of chunk of granite.  This always appealed to me as it never made sense that they embalm you with chemicals, then you have to have a vault to put your remains in to help keep those chemicals from seeping into the ground water.  Ew.  The way I see it…I will be dead and will no longer need my physical body.  Just burn me and put me in the litter box so I can continue to be useful.  For a while I did think seriously on a “green burial” with a tree planted on top of me in some beautiful woodland place somewhere.

However, in the article I read yesterday they were actually talking about Reef Balls.  Now, stop being childish and get your mind out of the gutter…these reef balls are actually cement cones that have holes all through them that they place in the ocean to help build up an artificial reef.  What that has to do with a green burial is that there is a place that will actually take your ashes (even the ashes of you and your pet or family…up to 4 people can be included in some of the reef balls) and mix them with the cement!

If you are able to be there when they do this you can put your hand print in the wet cement or write a message on it as well as take a rubbing of the bronze plaque they put on there.  Then they put these reef balls in the ocean to create and artificial reef.  Like the tree planting thing, your remains go towards creating and sustaining life instead of polluting the ground and taking up space.

I thought this was a GREAT idea and downloaded the information PDF.  I read the information and decided that this is what I want done.  I want to be cremated then made into a reef ball!  The way I see it, doing this I can still be useful after my death by creating living space for the creatures of the sea and no one will have to wonder what the hell they are going to do with with my ashes.

When I die…I am going Green baby.

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  1. You put a lot more thought into it than I did, LOL.