I can’t catch a (WoW) break…

Well, decided to try to play some WoW yesterday. They had a humongous patch that took 4 hours to download. *sigh* Today I decided to log in and see what they changed figuring they made some changes for the upcoming expansion WotLK.

I log in and find that they made the mounts and pets more like spells than items. That is actually good because then you don’t have to carry around a ton of items in your bag and not have room for loot. I also noticed that they added a calendar where you can actually add events if you are in a guild. That is good too and I wonder why they hadn’t added that before.

They also added a “barber shop” where you can change your hair or beard or whatever depending on your race. It was cool…I went from a short pixie cut gnome hair cut to a long pony tail gnome hair cut. I am not sure I totally like it, but I will give it a bit and if I don’t like it I can change it once again. Only costs me about 7gold.

Then I noticed some of my action buttons were gone. WTF?! Then I realized that my talents were all screwed. (!!!) A little more searching revealed that they either changed or got rid of certain talents in the talent tress!!!! WTF! I had everything the way I wanted it! They already changed it on me once and I had to redo my talents…why the hell did they have to completely redo the talent trees AGAIN?? I assume it has something to do with the new class…but still!

So, I had to go into the WoW website and find the talent tree calculator…figure out what I had and what I wanted back and what they changed. I am not totally happy with it, but when we get WotLK I will be able to get a few more talent points to add as I level to 80.

Just sucks that as soon as I get comfy with something they have to screw it up.



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