Sh*t like this really burns my biscuits…

Girl, 14, found starving in home; parents charged

SEATTLE — A father and stepmother were charged with withholding their 14-year-old daughter’s food and water so drastically that she weighed only 48 pounds, authorities said.

…she [the step mom] considered the girl a behavior problem and restricted her water as discipline. The woman said she had been home-schooling the girl and her 12-year-old brother for four years.

…she was given primarily toast to eat and only about 6 ounces of water per day. She said her stepmother even watched when she brushed her teeth to make sure she didn’t drink extra water.

…the father told him [the detective] the conflict between his daughter and wife “was concerning but he thought they could just handle it themselves.”

I don’t care what a child has done…whitholding food and water is NEVER an appropriate form of punishment.



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2 responses to “Sh*t like this really burns my biscuits…

  1. OMGs! I sincerely hope those kids will be taken away fromthose parents – some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children!

  2. That’s absolutely insane. Hopefully the stepmother and father will both be sent to prison for what they did to that poor child.