Everything is Temporary

Not sure where this came from but thought I should write about it anyway.  Bare with me, it is kinda jumbles as I am just going to write out what I have in my brain…and it doesn’t always make sense.

Everything in the world is temporary.  Everything.  From your carpet to your computer to your very life, everything has a limited existence on this Earth.  From your friendships and marriages, nothing lasts forever, though we would like to think it does.

It is hard thing to get your head around isn’t it?  You are reading this and saying, “No, I married my spouse and we are going to be married forever!”.  Well, maybe in your mind.  But one of you is going to die and then the other may or may not chose to pursue another mate.  That doesn’t nullify your marriage, just puts it in perspective.  If you think of it like that, then well you only have a finite amount of time to enjoy your relationship.

If you are in an abusive relationship, maybe that is MORE temprorary than others.  If you are the one being abused, the abuser could kill you…or you could kill yourself to get out of it…it happens.  Same goes for the abuser.  If you kill your partner or cause them to kill themselves, well, then it was temporary.  So why even bother?  Eventually you will find someone who might kill YOU for hitting them!!!  If you think about Life as being a temporary existence, why even bother with that possibility?  You know you are doing wrong, so go get help.  It is out there.   Trust me.

Ok, kinda got off topic there for a minute.  😛  Back to my original idea.

Everything is temporary, even Life.  So why waste it being mad all the time, or sad, or something other than happy.  Buddhist monks know this.  Why do you think they look serene all the time?  It is one of their teachings and challenges to look at things as temporary.  When someone dies, it isn’t sad for them…it was their time to go as their temporary existence was up…it is sad for US because we don’t want them to go.  We are selfish beings, us humans.

Same thing goes for the trials in our lives.  So, you lost your job.  That is temporary.  Either you will get another job, or you will die without a job which will make having a job useless anyway.  I know that sounds harsh but it is true.  So why stress it?  Just go out and look for another one unless you don’t want to work…Same thing for money.  It comes and goes and can be taken away in a heartbeat.  So why stress it so much?  Our children will grow up soon enough and move off and have their own lives, so we only have a finite amount of time to enjoy them as children…so why are so many people so eager to make them independent from day one?

I am not trying to start anything here other than people’s minds working.  If you look at everything as temporary then it tends to be a bit easier to deal with life’s challenges.  The pain I went through to bring my children in the world was temporary; the pain my husband is going through after getting his wisdom teeth out is temporary as well; the pain my children go through when they get their vaccine shots is temporary though they don’t understand that yet.

The fact that my kids needs me so completely is temporary.  One day they will want to move on without me and will leave me behind.  They will have their own lives to live and I will have to try to grab a few moments here and there.

That fact that I am even on this Earth is temporary.  One day I will die and move onto another plane of existance.  Is that temporary?  I don’t know…but I will find out when I get there.



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2 responses to “Everything is Temporary

  1. It’s true, everything is indeed temporary.

  2. Les

    I understand. I’ve had a similar thought process run rampant through my head. It helps to keep me fairly laid back.