Ok, I give in…I will blog about it…

Thanks to SEB for posting it on his blog for me to find.



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2 responses to “Ok, I give in…I will blog about it…

  1. It has the clip in it…but it is where Olberman is taking Palin to task for talking smack about Obama and Ayers when her own past and current friends and acquaintances aren’t exactly pure as the driven snow.

    I have had issues with YouTube all day…I think maybe too may people are on there at the moment. 🙂 I think.

    Here is another link to the same video via MSNBC:

    I couldn’t embed that one so I had to use the YouTube one. The one on MSNBC is actually a lot better quality…

  2. I can’t get the video to play ….. is that the one where he tries to pray witches away from her?

    If so, ROFLMAO