Diaper Chronicles – Part 5 – Patience is a Virtue

So, not much potty wise has happened since the last installment.  Babyehad did real well until I found out I was pregnant with Podling and got soo sick that I couldn’t do anything…then he totally regressed.  We thought we would just give him some time, but now Podling is 3m old and just at our wits end.

It doesn’t help that everyone else’s kids were potty trained “when they were 2 years old”.  I finally broke down and started yelling at DH that not EVERYONE’s kids were trained at 2, if they were then some of them were lying. Every child in the United States is NOT potty trained at 2.

Now, I am not saying that some kids aren’t potty trained at two, so please don’t be offended.  I just hate it when I know that a lot of people exagerate things with their kids to seem superior…because if they do it to DH he brings it back to me an worried something is wrong with BH and then I have to reassure him that BH is totally normal over.and over.and over.

Anyway, BH technically is trained…she just refused to go and even TOLD me he wasn’t going to go.

So, this past weekend we decided on a different plan of action.  We tried treats, charts, gifts, mild punishment, reminders…everything.  But the one thing we DIDN’T try was a timer.  So, since Saturday we have been making him go to the potty every 30 minutes.  Even if he doesn’t have to go.  The weekend was rough and we went through a lot of underwear (no more pull ups or diapers during the day!).  But Monday and yesterday he did fairly well except for poop.  *sigh*  He just will not poop!!!

Today he peed in his underwear once…technically an accident, but it was because he didn’t want to stop playing Spore…so I had to turn Spore off.  DH thinks it is no big deal…but he isn’t the one having to clean up poop and pee everywhere.  *sigh*  However, I know this is what we have to do.  It just sucks having to clean his butt and underwear and whatever else while Podling is screaming her head off because she either needs to be picked up or she needs a bottle.  Poop comes first (cuz that is just gross).

So, this is our forth day.  He is Ok with the pee, but not the poop.  We will keep this up for as long as it takes though.

Oh, the trials of a parent…I hope to goodness what others say is true and girls are easier to get trained than boys…



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2 responses to “Diaper Chronicles – Part 5 – Patience is a Virtue

  1. LOL I HOPE she is easier! This poop thing is getting really REALLY old having to wash his undies out in the sink every other day. 😦

  2. Best of luck with the re-training. I know it can be hard work (and I have all this to come for the first time yet – LOL!). Your son is perfectly normal (as you said). I know of kids who were still not fully trained until they were almost at school (i.e. almost 5-y-o) so there’s absolutely no need to worry at all about him not being fully trained at 3-y-o – he has plenty of time. I’ve also been told girls are easier to train than boys (trust me to have a boy – teeheehee!), so hopefully by the time your little lass gets round to it you’ll be a dab-hand and she’ll pick it all up very quickly. *hugs*