A flash of blue and it was gone.

Babyhead: “It’s stuck!  It’s stuck!”

Me: “What’s stuck?”

BH: “The M&M!  It’s stuck!”

Me: “M&M?  Where is it stuck?”

BH: “In my nose!  It’s stuck!”

Me: “An M&M is stuck in your nose?!”

**Peers inside nose.

**Starts laughing.

**Thinks of options.

BH: “It’s stuck!!”

Me: “Blow real hard out of your nose like you are blowing out boogers.”

**BH blows out his nose.

**M&M Slides out leaving a blue trail.

Me: “Don’t put any more M&Ms in there.”

BH: “Okay.”

After "Extraction"

After “Extraction”



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3 responses to “A flash of blue and it was gone.

  1. LOL – We have all this to look forward to with our new son! 😉

    [LOL Yep!! Just read my blog and you will see what is in store for you guys! 😀 ]

  2. Glad BH is okay.

    Hang on to the pictures. They might be useful for blackmail when BH gets older, LOL.

  3. If a piece of candy or cereal gets stuck in his nose and won’t blow out, just pinch his nose to crunch it up. It will break up into smaller pieces, and he’ll be able to blow it out then. Make sure his head isn’t tilted back when you do that, of course.

    I found that out once when I was in the ER with Elf for something, and a toddler there had done the same thing. That’s what the doctor told the mother to do, and to be honest, I remembered it because that would never have occurred to me.

    Of course, it is preferable that BH won’t stick anything up his nose again, LOL

    [I did try to squish it out a little but he had it up there where I couldn’t get to it well…but not so far as to need a trip to the ER. I will make sure to remember that though! Thanks!]