Not sure where to start with this one…

There were a lot of things that I have been passionate about this week that I wanted to write about, but didn’t know where to even begin.  So, I think I will just put up some links and maybe say a few things and then maybe revisit them later if I need to.  I really need to get a laptop so I can do this before I go to bed!


First is Shapely Prose’s post on women bloggers being harrassed.  I still get all edgy when I read it even though I have read it a dozen times to try to get my thoughts together to write about it.  All I can say is I agree with what was written and I just can’t form coherent thoughts about it at this time (because it just boils my blood to think about it) so I leave it to you, my readers, to read it and comment here or there as necessary.  Here is an excerpt:

When you trivialize what even the women you love are saying to you, when you let sexist remarks slide, when you insist that women view things from your perspective (rational! calm! reasonable!) because you don’t feel like trying to see theirs (emotional! hysterical! nuts!), when you sit around laughing with other men about how crazy chicks are before you go home to the wife and daughters you love more than life and always treat with respect, when you say the fact that online harassment disproportionately affects women somehow doesnt mean we should be considering it through the lens of women’s experiences in particular, you’re not fucking helping.


I swear…Stupid Evil Bastard is great!!!  I really don’t know where Les finds this stuff:

John McCain cancels appearance on David Letterman. Dave wasn’t happy.

Sarah Palin is dumber than a box of rocks.

Jon Stewart on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

Oh, this is a toughie.


Once again, ElfNinosMom over at Frickintardistan does a great job of bringing important matters to the front:

US Supreme Court to revisit question of death penalty for child rape

:…Patrick Kennedy was convicted of aggravated child rape, and sentenced to death.  The victim was his eight-year-old stepdaughter.  The state moved the court to reconsider its decision that death is a cruel and unusual punishment for child rape, simply because the victim is still alive.

This was not just any rape.  This child was so brutally raped that her entire perineum was torn and her rectum was protruding into her vagina.  She was forced to undergo extensive surgery to repair the damage. …”


And last but not least…I have more to write about my therapy. I am using this space in conjunction with my therapy to help heal old wounds…but I have to get my thoughts together first (and find the time!).  You may see me over the weekend, you may not.  Either way…have a good one!



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  1. LOL That’s it…with a 3yr old and a 3month old I just don’t have the time…good thing I got you to do it for me! 😀

  2. Les

    It’s easy to find all that crap I post if you waste as much time as I do browsing the web. 🙂