5 Years Ago Today

I married my sweetheart.  Happy Anniversary Babe.




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  1. We didn’t dance at our wedding. The thought of dancing in a big dress with the Big Guy is both amusing and horrifying. After all we “met” when the Big Guy ran over me in the cafeteria.

  2. Yep, that’s us. 🙂 We aren’t dancers so we didn’t do dancing…but again we aren’t your typical couple either.

    We went to Olive Garden bc we haven’t been in a while, then went to the same park we got married in! We took a rowboat out on the lake, then went mini golfing, then went to Chili’s and had Molten Chocolate Cake…mmmm. Then we came home, put the kids to bed and had some Asti. It was actually very nice and relaxing, though next year I want to try to take out a paddlboat or an Aquacycle in stead of the rowboat…

  3. i sooooo sorry. was off for the weekend! i hope you had a FABULOUS time together.

    is that your picture? that’s soooo cooool. im loving the outfits!!!!! volleyball for reception … dayumn. i want it too! we danced ourselves silly.

  4. I don’t want to put pictures of that up here for the time being…but I can send you some. 😉

  5. Pirate attire? that is very cool. Could you post some pictures. Sounds very cool.

    We had a traditional wedding. In the little country church where my grandparents were married. My dad preformed the ceremony. We arrived at the reception in a surrey. I wanted a carriage but traditionally at least in Texas surrey’s not carriages were used for weddings. It surprised everyone that I went with a very traditional Texas wedding.

  6. Yes and no. A friend of mine made Renn clothes for the Renn Faires around and she made my dress…I didn’t want the typical white dress…but everyone else decided they wanted similar clothes (except the groomsman and DH), so in the interest of making everything cohesive the bridesmaids had Renn dresses and the guys had pirate type outfits.

    It’s funny…we had an outdoor wedding at the local park, everyone stood around us in a circle instead of being seated in rows, and our ceremony was nothing like the traditional fare (it was totally customized by our minister and us).

    Afterward we had chicken from the local chicken place and hamburgers and hotdogs and played volleyball…and almost everyone we tell about it wishes their wedding was like ours. LOL

  7. Very cool. Did you have a theme wedding?

  8. Yes and thank you. 🙂

    Everyone said I looked like Rapunzel with my long blonde hair. 😉

  9. Congrats.

    Is that your wedding picture?