Why I am a SAHM


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Because everywhere I turn I see sh*it like this:

PHILADELPHIA – A woman undressed and posed young children at a baby sitter’s home so her ex-boyfriend could photograph them, jurors concluded Thursday in a massive child-p*ornography case that ended with three convictions.

The woman, Dorothy Prawdzik, was convicted on 15 counts of aiding and abetting. The ex-boyfriend, John Jackey Worman, was convicted Wednesday of more than 50 child-p*ornography counts.

Worman, 41, also s*exually abused eight of the children, including three infants, one just 3 months old, prosecutors said. He is awaiting a state trial on those charges.


And this:

“[Pedophiles] take these images and trade them like baseball cards,” says Christine, an analyst. “The violation that occurs within these files…it’s horrific.”


You see…I realize that I can’t protect my children 100% of the time.  But it seems as these b*astards are beginning to target younger and younger children (like tiny babies) because they can’t talk.  Well, the only way they can really get to these kids is if they are in daycare or in the family (or family friends).  We aren’t talking about someone coming and kidnapping your kids, we are talking about family and friends.  The people you should be able to trust with your kids’ lives.

Yes, If I got a job we could be in a house right now.  We could have a second car.  We could have a lot of material things.  But that would mean putting my kids in daycare or hire a sitter (we have no family close that is able to babysit…and even if we did I am not sure I would want to do that anyway).  I chose (and so does DH) to sacrifice all the material gains and allow me to stay at home and care for our 3yr old and our 3m old.  Just the though of some sick, perverted, not worth living, lower than dirt f*ucker touching my baby girl or my son is enough to make me not only vomit but also go on a killing rampage.

I am a Buddhist…I believe in karma and what you do comes back to you…but I would gladly accept any bad karma that would come my way for killing one of the lowlifes.  Actually, death should be a release for these people.  I always think that what should be done to these people is what Wesley threatened Prince Humperdink with in “The Princess Bride”.  Cut off their hands, feet, put out their eyes, cut off their nose, and cut out their tongue so they would wallow in freakish misery forever.

So when someone would see them they would KNOW what they did.  It wouldn’t be this “I had no idea he did that”…people would know.  In cases like the above I am totally for cruel and unusual punishment.

I have no forgiveness or compassion for those people.  NONE.

And apparently some even feel that they are wrongly maligned and that they should be able to do this!!!  They see it as a ‘s*exual preference’!!!  We aren’t talking about ADULT h*omosexual intercourse.  We are talking about children who can’t fight back, who can’t even speak.

It is rape.  R*ape is wrong whether it is a child or an adult.  Rape is where you take advantage of another human being without their consent or through coercion.  It doesn’t matter if they can’t speak…they still didn’t give consent.  Just like it is still rape if you have s*ex with one of your teen students.  R*ape is r*ape…it isn’t a s*exual preference.  It is a power trip.

Listen, you disgusting f*ucktards…your “rights” end where my child or any other child, including but not limited to your own family and children, begins.

You ARE wrong.  You ARE sick. And you DO deserve cruel and unusual punishment.



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2 responses to “Why I am a SAHM

  1. Don’t you hate it when you read something, then have to go back later and reread it for a comment and all the passion you felt the first time is gone…I hate that.

    And it is very frustrating…it is difficult to balance what is good for you and what is good for your kids and what is good for your family in general. You see demons everywhere…but you know that not everyone is…it is hard to find that balance between wanting to protect your kids from everything and still letting them be children…

  2. i read this before … didn’t know what to say. still don’t know what to say sandy. cuz although the impact that it had earlier when i read it was far worse than what i feel now …. hm desensitization eh? not good.

    i can imagine ur frustration being a mother urself. can never leave kids in the care of anyone else you cannot trust. disgusting and heartbreaking.