Most of the games that DH buys I could care less about…he tends to like a lot of MMO shooter games like Planetside…however he has bene talking about Spore for a while and I was mildly interested.  Now that we bought it, I am obsessed.

Basically it is a SIM game about evolution…kinda.  You start off as a one cell organism and as you eat and grow you get points to “evolve”.  What you evolve to depends on what kinds of things you find in your life journey.  You don’t get much as a single cell…but when your level is high enough your brain grows and you can evolve legs and feet to move to the creature stage.

In the creature stage you go around befriending or eating other creatures (or be eaten!) and as you befriend others or find skeletons of creatures, you get more parts to evolve to such as human like hands and feet.

After you complete the creature stage, you move to the tribal stage…you no longer evolve physically but you can learn to use tools and music to either conquer or befriend other tribes…

After the tribal phase you get into a civilization…you control a city and your goal is to conquer other cities by any means you can…religiously by converting the citizens, militarily, or by economic means (you can eventually buy the city if you have successful relations and trade with them).  Your main “evolution” here is your vehicles such as cars and planes.  You get to design all your vehicles and housing.

After the civilization phase you go into the space age…I am still in the beginning of the spage age so I can’t say anything other than you get to design your own space ship and fly around the solar system!  Whoot!

You can play offline or online…if you connect online you may see creatures, tribes, buildings and vehicles that others have created and uploaded into the Sporepedia.  You can also just create your own stuff in the creator and you can see them show up in your world as well.  Be warned though, if you have children and allow them to play…if you connect to the Sporepedia you may have some vulgar creations…some people are just childish!  LOL  You can ban certain ones, but your kids may find them before you have a chance to do that…we allow Babyhead to only play offline (he likes to run around with his creature).

If you like playing SIMS…you would probably like this too!

Just sayin’ is all..


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