Oooo Purty…

Lane Bryant is my new favorite store.  Yea, it is a little pricey…but it has nice clothes that fit bigger girls like me.  I am so excited!

I had to buy a new dress for a wedding this past weekend.  I could have found something that would do in my closet, but I haven’t had a nice dress that really fit me in a while…Walmart just doesn’t cut it as their clothes fit me weird.

So, I go to Lane Bryant bc those in the Fatosphere talk about it a lot.  I figure worst case it is way expensive, but I go in expecting to spend $100 as I was thinking of it as an investment.  I knew what I wanted…basic black dress…something I could wear to anything.  Nothing fancy or anything.  Just a plain, basic black dress.

I found 2…one was a tank kinda dress with a little jacket.  I didn’t really like it at first but thought I should try it on anyway.  Ew.  Made me look old and fat with or without the jacket.  That one gets put back, obviously…but then I try on the other one.

OMG.  Favorite dress.  It has split sleeves, comes to about the knees, nice cut at the top so it shows off my b*oobage but not showing off my stretched out belly and a vneck.  I love this dress.  It is $60.  More than I had wanted to spend but lower than my budget so it was all good.  I get up to the counter and she rings me up…OMG it was 50% off!  It came to only $30 some odd dollars!  OMFG!!!  PERFECT!  So I add a support undergarment (see support panty…see girdle) to help tame my flabby post c-section baby belly.

I am so excited to have this dress!  Now, no matter what happens, I will always have a dress to wear.  One of these days I may go back and get me another dress to put in my closet for special occasions.  But until then, this one will more than do!!!  I don’t have a picture…I didn’t take my camera and by the time I got home I just wasn’t up to taking a picture (and we were running late so didn’t think to take one before) and they didn’t have the dress online…but trust me…it is a really nice dress.


The wedding was REALLY FREAKING NICE.  I have never been to a high end wedding…comes from being born into and marrying into poor working classes families.  That is fine, I always felt less was more…but the groom’s family is extremely well off and her family isn’t exactly poor…so they spared no expense.  The food was awesome (for wedding food).  I say that because most catered weddings are usually really on a budget…and it shows.  Even the nicer catered fare is lacking in some way and that is why we opted for fried chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs at our wedding (we got married in a park).  I had the chicken cordon bleu…it was a HUGE piece of chicken, hot and savory!  They even had a wine cart that went around to offer wine with your dinner!!  Free bar of course too..I had my first two glasses of wine since my anniversary LAST YEAR.  It was very nice wine.

And the band.  Wow.  The groom (a friend of ours) plays sax in the band but we never saw it or heard it we just knew he would dissappear on weekends to mysterious “gigs” an we always joked he was part of the mob and had a tommy gun in his sax case.  Of course they played for their pals wedding.  Well, we found out last night why he got paid $300 a freakin gig.  The band was awesome…there were about 7 of them total and one of the guys sounded just like Frank Sonatra.


On a side note, I got to take pictures with DH’s cousin’s camera.  Not sure what kind it was he just handed it to me and said to take pictures of the ceremony…he was the officiant so he couldn’t and his wife was videoing since they didn’t get a videographer.  I think I am going to steal his camera.  All I know it is had an awesome zoom lens.  I took lots of pictures of the ceremony and felt very professional!  ROFL


All in all we had a great time.  We aren’t much into dancing, but we (especially me) enjoyed listening to the music.  It was also nice having somewhat of a date night were we dressed up and left the kids at home.  We were actually able to just get in the car and go and not have to strap small people in or keep up with various bags or children.

We needed it as Babyhead is paying us back today for leaving him last night.

Such is the life of a parent…



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3 responses to “Oooo Purty…

  1. aww i am so glad you had such a lovely time!!! :))) yes, pics!!! 🙂

  2. I am going to see if the cousins took any good pics of me in the dress…it was a digital camera so they would know right away and he is always good about giving us pics that we might want. 🙂

  3. I wanna see pics of you in that dress – it sounds great!