It’s a Major Award!

Ok, so maybe not MAJOR award…but ever since I have seen “A Christmas Story” I have always wanted to say that.  LOL

Brilliant Weblog Award

Thanks to Roop for giving me the Brilliant Weblog Award.  I am not totally sure what I am supposed to do with it though.  😛  I think I am supposed to give it to someone else?

I have to say, I am not sure I am brilliant or if my blog is.  I just write about what I know (first rule of writing) and what I think.  I had hoped to hone my writing skills here as to one day write a story…I have a story in the works but I am never happy with it.  I am hoping to revisit it later and edit it or change it or rewrite it all together.  It helps that I have an award though….  🙂

However, I have to say that would be all the blogs I read else I wouldn’t read them.  ROFL

In the spirit of the whole thing I will list some blogs I read, just in case it is THEIR first award too…though I am sure it isn’t for some of them.   😀  I may not always comment on them…but I always read them in my reader!

First to KELL.  I love her dearly.  She is my international penpal and have known her for quite a few years now.  I first met her on a Yahoo group and now she has a blog here at WordPress.  We have been snailmail penpals for maybe a year or so.  She is very interesting and a total bibliophile like me!

Uh…next is Elfnino’s Mom.  Not really sure how I came to her blog, but I did.  She writes about news that is going on and different criminal cases.  We have to come to correspond with each other through email occasionally as well.  If you want to know what is foremost in the news, her blog is a good place to start.

To Judith…because she is just funny.

To Dee…because I like all her pictures.

To Jane Doe…She doesn’t write much, but I like what she does when she does.

To Feminist Gamers…because women play too.  I check with them on the latest game news and stuffs.

And Lastly to Jennifer.  She isn’t scared to say what she feels about motherhood…well maybe she is, but she say sit anyway!  That is good.  Too many moms are scared to tell about the horrors of being a mother.  And sometimes it truly is a horror.  😀

Anyway…Thank Roop!  I would give you the award…but not sure if that is allowed.  😛  And to everyone else, yes I read your blogs even if I don’t comment.  I have everyone on my feed reader.  🙂  I just don’t always have something significant to say.  🙂

Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “It’s a Major Award!

  1. thankie thankie for doin this, sandzie! 🙂 just the fact that you acknowledged my acknowledgment is award enough for me. thankuu!!

  2. Very cool.

    TY for the HT.


  3. Aww, thanks, Sandy! 🙂 Just for the record, if you didn’t already have this award, I’d be giving it to you too!