Sew Kewl

So, my hobby is sewing.  BUT…I am really not good at it and mostly self taught.  HOWEVER…the local Joann’s store has classes!  Yay!  They have a sewing 101 class for $25 where is it just basics as well as a quilting 101 class!  Yay!  I hope to get my SIL to go with me (as long as she isn’t working) and we can learn together.

I like sewing because it gives me a creative outlet…and something else to think about other than the mundane things of life.  I can look at what I made and be proud of it…even if it is silly.  I haven’t had much drive to sew in a while though…since I was about 4m preg with Podling.  Long story, check the archives!  LOL  But, I think I am ready to start trying again.

Which remindes me, I have to get the stuff for a few baby gifts…those babies are going to be here soon and I had better be ready to send the stuff to them!  (Talking to YOU Kell & Janis!)



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