An old plastic shower curtain used a drop cloth for kids painting projects: $0

An old Styrofoam egg carton as a painter’s palette.  $0

Poster paint: $4

Poster paper ream: $4

Your kid having loads of fun making paintings: $8.

Not having to scream at your kid for acting out because he was bored: Priceless.

In an effort to try to control Babyhead’s attitude, I have been brainstorming on what is going on.  I think it is totally because he is so bored.  Last summer (and previous years) Babyhead and I used to do tons of stuff together like going outside to the playground (even when it was cold)  or going to the pool.  Sometimes we would just sit on the back porch and he would run and play around the backyard.

This summer though, actually since last October) we haven’t been able to do much of anything.  Between being in a lot of pain with my pregnancy and just about on bedrest we weren’t able to do much this past year (when we finally got our pool passes it RAINED the 2 weeks I had to swim before I had Podling).  So, this past year he has been a little stir crazy.

We initially thought it was attention starvation…mommy being so sick and not being able to even get off the dang couch for 6+ months coupled with a new baby in the house and mommy being gone for 4 days…we just thought it was a natural “I want all the attention” cry.  But, the more I think on it, the more I realize that isn’t the case.  He is just plain ole  bored.  We used to do tons of stuff together, but when I got pregnant last October I just wasn’t able to do much of anything between the severe morning sickness, the pain in my legs and the near bedrest from the bleeding episode.

So, I dug out an old book I bought at B&N last summer about activities for preschoolers.  I spent quite a bit of money yesterday buying supplies (poster paper, paints, brushes, construction paper, etc) and will likely spend a great deal more as I still need more supplies just to give him things to do.  Some things we can do together, some things he can do on his own (I know he will have a blast with the construction paper and hole punch!).

Then I got to thinking last night…I wonder if a lot of behavior problems in smaller children (and even in older children) aren’t related to just plain boredom?  I know that teens will get into trouble if there isn’t much to do.  We often thought of trying to open a mini golf place in the town where I went to high school because there isn’t anything there…you have to drive 30 minutes at least to get anywhere since the movies are expensive and the only skating rink was closed and turned into a dancing studio.  I still want to do that by the way…though we may wait to do that until DH gets ready to retire and the kids are out of school…it is a horrid place to go to school!

Anyway, I hope this works.  I can deal with an hour or two a day cleaning up confetti or paints if it means I don’t have to yell at Babyhead all the time for getting into things (yesterday he decided to suck all his toothpaste out of the tube).

Here’s to hoping!


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  1. Kids do act out when they are bored. I was a preschool teacher for 15 years..saw it all the time.