Family Blog Safety

Just read a few blogs talking about this and thought I would post the links…

Blogging Smart

Be a Safe Blogger

Safe Kids

I also want to add something about images:

If you are going to post images of your family online…

**Don’t add tags.  They can be used as keywords.  Same thing goes for descriptions.

**Don’t name your image what it is like “babysbathtime”…they can be used as keywords as well.  It is best to use whatever number your camera used or us a number date like “8212008”.

**Don’t post naked or half naked pictures of your kids or anyone else…you never know what sicko may come across them.

**Password protect the posts/pages.  I don’t know about other blog platforms, but I do know WordPress allows you to put a password on posts and pages so only those you trust can view them.

The above also goes for videos as well.

Feel free to add anything else in the comments.


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One response to “Family Blog Safety

  1. I learned this lesson the hard way a couple of weeks ago when I posted a picture of my son sitting at the table without a shirt on. I titled it “My Naked Boy” because that’s what he calls himself… And then I got two hits from MSN image search for “naked kids”. .

    Both searches were done in safe-mode and the image appeared on like page 338 out of 400 and most were of the Naked Brothers Band (which is what I keep telling myself they were searching for). BUT STILL.

    I tried to remove the image title and caption and change the permalink, but that didn’t seem to fix it.

    So in the end, I deleted the image from my server and then reported the broken link to msn so that they’d remove it.

    So I’m actually being really careful with my images now and how they are labeled. Had I not used the word “Naked” in that one, I would have never had an issue.

    [That is just scary…I never title any of my images or tag them or name them anything other than the date in number form. I am paranoid like that! But, your situation is exactly why I tell people not to tag or title or name their images. You should only do that when you WANT someone to find your images.]