Typical Woman

Well, Podling isn’t a woman yet…but she already is conniving to get her father wrapped around her little finger!  This morning around 6am I asked DH to go ahead and giver her her bottle and allow me to get a little extra sleep.  He did but she didn’t go back to sleep as usual…she lay in her pack n play cooing and talking away.

I told DH that if she didn’t go back to sleep that I would get up and sit with her since he had a trip to go on today and wouldn’t be home until midnight.  He said that she was happy and all smiles while he was feeding her and I took that to mean that she was going to be awake for a few hours…so I got up and prepared myself for some sleepy TV time while I kept her company.

I walk in and smile and say hi to her…she she stops talking and sticks out her bottom lip!  She didn’t cry but she obviously was NOT happy it was I who was coming to keep her company!  After about an hour she finally went back to sleep and I went back to bed for another hour or so of laziness.  An hour after that (around 8) she wakes up again and DH decides to go ahead and get up.  I go back to sleep for another hour (yes, this is how sleep is when you have a small baby…hour at a time sometimes) and DH comes in around 9:30 to wake me up as he has to get ready for his trip.

DH comes in and brings Podling with him and the phone rings.  It is the guy he is going on the trip with (to some UFC thing) and he hands Podling to me so he can talk on the phone.  Right away Podling starts to fuss and DH says she might be hungry as she didn’t want her last bottle.  Ok, fine I will warm it up in just a minute…

DH gets off the phone and I had Podling back so I can get up and go to the bathroom.  Immediately she stops fussing.  We look at each other and start laughing and he says, “I think she likes me!”.  I tell him that yea, she is starting early to get him all buttered up and then I cheer.  I cheer because that means I won’t always be stuck with the baby because I am the only one who can deal with her!  ROFL  Babyhead was always a Momma’s boy (still is) but it looks like Podling is definitely going to be a Daddy’s girl.

Talk about stereotypes.  🙂


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