I already know I am crazy…

I made an appointment for a counselor today.  She is actually the wife of a man I did some web work for a year or so ago.  They follow the same Buddhist tradition that I follow, so I am more than a little excited to actually meet her and see her take on how to move past the hurt and pain of my past.  I get to see her in September.

I am also excited to just be able to talk with someone about all the things that went on so many years ago and either be validated or be told that no, I am just making a mountain out of a mole hill.  I desperately need someone to tell me that my feelings are either valid or not and give me ways to work around my anger at the past.  I am sick of all this baggage taking up space in my mind and cluttering my relationships.

I am ready to move on.


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2 responses to “I already know I am crazy…

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  2. Good for you! We can all use input from those who are not close to the situation, because they can many times see it from viewpoints that we can’t.