Playtime is Over

Now the real work begins.

I got my buffet the other day!  We put it together this past Saturday and organized the kitchen,  it isn’t the best, but it did make the kitchen a lot cleaner since we took out the table.  We have a lot more room to breathe in there and a lot less room to clutter!  Yay!

Organizing the bills today as well.  We have so many medical bills from Babyhead’s surgery and from Podling’s delivery…we can’t ignore them any longer.  One even threatened collection…isn’t an issue since we CAN pay…we have just be caught up in Podling being born that we just put everything on the back burner.

Also have to clean Babyhead’s room.  In an effort to keep the living room fairly clean so I can walk around with Podling and not worry about tripping on toys, I have had BH take his stuff to his room…but he only puts it in the door.  So, the place is a mess and I need to get in there so he can find his stuff again.  Of course, when he is older he will just have to find his own stuff…but for now I don’t want him to whine because he can’t find his Lightening McQueen fast enough…I hear enough of that crap as it is.

Went to my 6wk check up the other day.  Everything is hunky dorey.

Things are finally starting to settle down…now I don’t have the excuse that I just had the baby to be lazy…I actually have to do stuff!


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