Too weird

I had a dream last night that I was waiting for DH to pick me up at some building. I actually think I started in a drive in movie, but ended up in a building like a mall. You know how dreams are like that…anyway. In this dream I am walking around this building and there is like some kind of artsy/candy flea market thing going on in hallway. I kept wanting the candy…mmm candy.

I walk around and somehow I call or talk to DH, I can’t remember, and tell him to meet me by Newsweek as there was a sign pointing to Newsweek in the building. I wait and wait and decide to walk around some more and I see my grandmother. (My grandmother that is, as we speak, lying in a nursing home bed pretty much comatose with a feeding tube stuck in her. She is 90 years old give or take and is trying to die…I think…but no one will let her. She even told me a few years ago when she was still awake and lucid that she was tired and missed her mother and husband…) I ask what Granny is doing there and she walks over to a payphone and calls a number and says to the person on the other end to come pick her up. I ask her who is picking her up and if I can ride with her and i get the impression she called a taxi. She doesn’t really talk that I can remember but I wait with her so she doesn’t have to be alone.

We kinda wander around and on the walls now and again there would pictures of Snoopy and small Snoopy rugs and I tell Granny that if no one was looking I would snag one of those Snoopy rugs for myself (cuz i like Snoopy). We find another door and as we are waiting at this door (it had seats we could sit in just inside) other people were leaving. A man would come in and ask for someone by name, then that person would leave and yet another person would come in and repeat the scene.

Granny’s name never got called.

Then she got pissed. She calls the number again and chews out the person on the other end and wonders why all these others have been called but she has been left behind. I try to calm her down and tell her that maybe the others called first and there just weren’t enough taxi drivers and that to just be patient.

After that I go outside and I have something in my hand…a bag of something I bought at the fleamarket thing in the hall I think. The next thing I know there is this huge ocean wave coming towards me out of the forest (yes, the building was next to a forest for some reason). I mean this is a tsunami wave coming towards us. People are screaming and running and saying to just get in the building as the water wouldn’t come in…but I couldn’t make it to the door, so I decide to just relax and let the wave carry me up so I can grab the top of the building and hang on. The wave comes up and I just relax and let the wave carry me to the top of the building, then the way recedes and I hang on the side…but it isn’t like I am trying to get up, I am fine just hanging on, though I do try to shimmy across to a better spot so maybe when the wave comes and recedes again I can drop down and get into the building.

The wave comes once or twice more and I finally get to the door, but I don’t go in. Instead I look around and see water everywhere and another wave coming…but I am not scared…and then Podling cries and I wake up.


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