The Days are Long and Numbered…

So, this is the first full day without DH. Babyhead seems to be doing ok though he still says he misses Daddy. That is expected. The good thing is DH calls when he can and since work loaned him a laptop we can actually communicate through email and IM. I know he took his headphones, I wonder if he took his mic as well…I will have to ask.

Podling is oblivious of course. Though I do think I am going to have to buy stock in C batteries…when I put her in her swing, she insists that the music on the swing be played as well or she won’t sleep or even sit in it. Even though it is classical music and I have the same music on my computer/cd…she wants the midi on her swing. *sigh* Better than screaming I guess…LOL

Last night was fitful. Although it is nice having the bed all to myself, it is hard sleeping alone when you are used to someone next to you. Unlike when I was in the hospital with Podling, I didn’t have drugs to make me forget about being alone! LOL I will manage, just makes for a very cold bed.

Either way, I can already tell it is going to be a long day…but he will be back Thursday so…it is all good.


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  1. Ooh, I know how it feels – on the rare occasion that Dale does night shift (usually in the run up to Xmas) I get absolutely no sleep at all! And if one of us has to be away without the other, whether it’s one night or more, I absolutely hate it. After about 3 nights of sleeplessness, I’ll manage to grab maybe a couple of hours, but I’m basically zombified till he comes home again. It doesn’t exactly make for a wonderful homecoming – he gets a kiss and a hug when he comes through the door and, if he’s a lucky, a cup of coffee, before I zonk out and crash for, like, 10 hours straight – LOL!