Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

DH had to fly to Orlando today. Stupid work sent him down there for some seminar or something or other for 4 days. While Podling won’t miss or even know his absence, Babyhead is the one we are worried the most about. After the issue with me being in the hospital for 4 days that he never got over, now his Daddy is going to be gone as well. I am hoping that the fact he could see DH leave might help (with me we had to leave before he was awake that morning). BH cried when he left, but other than that has been ok and keep asking of Daddy is on the plane yet. This will be the first time DH has been away from BH for such a long period of time since the year he was born…we are wondering how he is going to take it.

On to other news … All Squirrels Must Die. I realize that goes against all my Buddhist beliefs, but dammit they ate my lily bulbs! A friend of mine dug some out of her yard that the previous owners left and gave them to me. I kept them in the house for fear of the squirrels, but the other day we noticed little gnat like bugs in the house and when DH accidentally kicked the pot they were in a bunch of those bugs came flying out so I put them outside.

They were fine for a few days, but yesterday I woke up to one of my lily stalks laying on the ground with the bulb chewed off. Today I look out and here comes that damn squirrel going to dig in my pot AGAIN! I took out after it with BH’s toy broom. After the little f*ucker rode kill in waiting squirrel left, I took my spade and dug up all the bulbs I could find. They are smallish so they may not yield flowers for a while, but at least I was able to save them.

I ordered my pantry the other day. Or shall I say buffet. Stupid Sears Homcenter stopped taking orders online so I had to hunt down another pantry. I couldn’t find one I liked as much as that one, so I found a buffet at Target. Not exactly what I wanted, but I think it will offer the same storage that I wanted in the pantry plus give us some extra counter space. We will have to get rid of our tiny, unused kitchen table, but that is ok. I would much rather have the buffet/pantry! I also ordered an over the sink thingie that has a drying rack and shelf and paper towel holder. However I will probably never use it as a drying rack and paper towel holder…I really just want something to put my dish soap and hand towel on. 😛

Last but not least, DH bought me an Appa (pronounced ah-pah)! Yea, you have no freaking clue what I am talking about…here I will show you:

He is almost bigger than Babyhead! LOL I love Appa…I am soo looking forward to the complete Book 3 to come out!! It’s coming out soon!! Whoot!

Anyway, that is it for now.

Carry on.



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2 responses to “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

  1. tracya

    i’ll trade you slugs for squirrels…

  2. This is not the time of the year to go to Orlando.Too many people. Your husband will be in our neck of the woods.

    Ok. You need to read this squirrel story from one of my friends.

    When I was working tech support for an internet company in the days of dial-up squirrels ate through the phone lines about 2 blocks from our location. I had a customer that wanted me to kill all the squirrels because of this.

    The squirrels like to use our hanging baskets as swings so I just leave one empty for them.