Happy One Month Birthday to Podling!

Already a month!  Craziness!  Well, we managed to make it the first month, which is usually the hardest (barring anything like Colic that shows up later)…so that isn’t any small feat!  We are getting into a routine, Babyhead still demands a ton of attention and we try to give it to him as much as possible…but even he is starting to adjust a bit.

The only bad thing is DH came home with a cold the other day, and BH got it…so I am just waiting to get it myself and Podling to get it.  I hope we can escape it…there is nothing scarier than a baby who can barely breath out of their nose sleeping at night.  You tend to not get any sleep at all…hell I still worry over Babyhead when HE can’t breath at night!  I am so scared that s/he will stop breathing and I will be asleep and not catch it in time to help…

Anyway, enough with that scary stuff…

I want to talk about my new favorite TV show.  I will admit it IS a kids cartoon on Nickelodeon…but I am totally addicted.  I am talking about Avatar, The Last Airbender!  It is actually a very dark cartoon and DH and I are amazed it is on Nick.  No on really dies…but it is like DIsney in that no one really dies but it is still dark and some episodes are freaking creepy (like when Aang goes into the spirit world and talks to the Face Stealer!).

I think the only thing that bothers me is that these are kids (Aang is only supposed to be 12/13yrs old) and they make it into a love story…to me that is just weird…or maybe it is because I am getting old and have children myself…

Either way…it is awesome and DH is wonderful in that he is actually surprising me now and again with the seasons as they come out on DVD!  He has gotten me Book 1 and Book 2 so far!  Yay!

Anyway, just thought I would tell you.




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3 responses to “Happy One Month Birthday to Podling!

  1. I can’t believe that’s a month gone already – where on earth doe sthe time fly away to???

  2. Happy 1 month birthday, Podling!!!! 🙂

  3. Wow one month already.