We have some new neighbors.  I am sure I have spoken about them before, but I don’t feel like looking for the posts.  Let’s just say in the matter of one or two months (this was a few months ago) that we ended up with 3 new neighbors around us.  The little old lady in the downstairs apartment on one side of us moved out, the couple that lived in the upstairs apartment next to us (not directly above us) moved out and the couple under them on the downstairs on the other side of us moved out.

In these apartments moved an Asian couple who barely speak English in the latter downstairs apartment, a woman and 2 children (I actually think there is another woman there but I can’t be sure, they always scowl when we see them) moved into the apartment above them, and what I think is a single man (cuz that is all I have seen walk into the apartment) in the previous downstairs apartment next to us.

The Asian couple are fine other than their friend who visits with the 2yr old…they let that kid run all over with NO ADULT SUPERVISION.  I think I have written about that kid in another post.  The Single Guy is ok, never hear a peep out of him.  The Woman with her kids (one is a teen I think) scowl at us when we see them…but other than that, we don’t have any issues.

So what is the problem?  We all of a sudden have vandals at our apartment complex.  This will be our 3rd year here and we have never had any (real) issues until now.  Apparently cars are being broken into and even burned!  Before, I was happy living here, but now I am down right scared!  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the people that just moved into the apartments close to us as I think a lot of people moved from our old complex to here (our old complex was over priced and I think they are starting to charge for things they didn’t before on top of being over priced).

It may have to do with other people that have moved in elsewhere or even no one related to the complex itself…but it is still scary none the less.  See, most of the people that lived in our old complex were “rejects” anyway.  Pretty much loser trash that most of the time were being threatened for eviction or non payment.  I know this because some of the apartments that were close to us had a very high turnover rate.

So, I am just curious of some of those losers moved in here and are now causing issues here instead of there.  It is scary because I am home, by myself (with the exception of my kids), all day every day.  See, I have seen a strange guy stand outside on the sidewalk of our building since these new neighbors moved in…a car will pull up, and then they will speak for a minute, then leave.  Maybe it is nothing…but again…maybe it is more than just coincidence?


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  1. When we were both in grad school we lived in student housing there were many Asians in our complex. I believe most were Korean. Children under the age of 5 were allowed to run around unsupervised and very quite outside. The units were flat-top with 2 units on each side & a breezeway between the sides. To get to our unit we had to walk past on neighbors unit. They often blocked our path with big toys like plastic slides & we had a narrow raised walkway that had a rail type wall that made it hard to just walk up to our unit. It was very annoying when carrying something & the mom wouldn’t even move toys out of the walk way. Another time I was trying to back out of my carport but their toddler was standing 2 feet from my car. The parents just stood there doing nothing. Even when I got out and directed out of the road they did nothing. Once inside their children & family was very loud all hours of the night and day. Ok all this to say some things I learned about their culture. 1) It is expected that any adult will watch out for their child. 2) Children are given almost complete freedom until 5 & then all of their time is scheduled with events/activities. 3) It is expected to be quite in public but it is ok to be loud inside one’s own home.

    I’m glad we live in condos with many resident owners. The biggest problems we have are occasionally drunk college students.