Sooo tired…

Lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me.  Over all I feel well, but yesterday I was tired, today I am exhausted.  I do get about 3 hours sleep once a night if I am lucky, the rest of the time is about an hour and a half at a time with very few if any naps during the day.

I am a little miffed today because not only am I exhausted, but I asked DH to get up a whole 20 minutes early to feed Podling so I could get another hour sleep before getting up and he wouldn’t do it.  He said he was exhausted and didn’t need to be that way at work.  I guess he was really tired though, I mean he did go to bed around 10:30… </sarcasm>.  It just pisses me off because even though he gets up at 5am…he doens’t have too.  He has flex time so he could actually sleep in and just work later that day or another day to make up the difference.

Where as me…though my “hours” aren’t set in stone, they are erratic and I never have the choice.  If the kids are up, I am up…and very rarely are they both asleep so I can rest.  I can usually rest with Babyehad awake, but he is always into things so I am always being woken up because he is in the kitchen or playing with the music player on the swing or pack n play or SOMETHING.  And he doesn’t always take a nap…no matter how hard I try sometimes he just won’t nap.

So, here I am almost in tears from lack of sleep today and BH is determined to get on my nerves.

On the plus side…Podling will be 3 weeks old come Monday….that means the end of this horrible newborn period is coming to an end eventually.  I think I will print out a calendar for me to X off days…



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2 responses to “Sooo tired…

  1. My late husband did the same thing, and I was absolutely infuriated! In fact, Elf is almost 21, and I still haven’t gotten over being angry about his dad’s refusal to help me out when I was exhausted and still recovering from childbirth (and I was also back to work full-time when Elf was two weeks old, I took him into the office with me every day). The least his dad could do was help me out in the mornings, but he refused, worrying about his own sleep instead.

    Grrrr….. I could say a lot more, but this is a family blog. LOL

    Hopefully you will forgive DH soon, but I wouldn’t place any bets on that. That’s the sort of thing women don’t usually forget (or forgive), nor should they as far as I’m concerned.

  2. You poor lamb! I hope you manage to get a bit of rest today and that both kiddies are out like a light at the same time so you can catch up on some much-needed sleep! And I hope that DH comes home from work, sees you all conked out together and decides to make dinner for you all to avoid disturbing you. *hugs*