No Rest for the Weary

Well, after the last post about our first week home, Podling decided to wake up every 2.5 hours at night…again.  That means I get about 1.5 hours if I am lucky at a time of sleep.  DH helps when he can, but he also works and gets up at 5am…so I don’t like to wake him unless I am just too exhausted.  However, he does let me nap when he gets home from work.

Last night she slept a long stretch again though, so I got a little sleep.  Today ILs are taking Babyhead so we can have a short respite from his acting out.  He isn’t bad, per se, but after a whole day of him constantly needing your attention it starts to grate on your nerves…combine that with little sleep and it is downright volatile.  Though we have resisted sending him over there for the sake or our sanity…we don’t want him to think he is being punished and sent away…we really did need a break today.  Yea, we still have to deal with Podling, but she sleeps much of the time (so far) so if we time it right we can get naps when she sleeps.

I have to say, DH and I spoke about this and we aren’t sure if it is because we know what to expect or what…but it seems a little easier this time around.  By this time with Babyhead, we were utterly exhausted and we stayed that way for many, many months.  I don’t really know if she is “easier” or if we were just better prepared this go around.  Nothing can prepare you for parenthood…except parenthood.  No book, no family member, nothing.  So…maybe since we went through it and came out alive (so far) we are managing better this go around.

The only thing that is really driving me batty though is not being able to do much.  When you have a c-section you aren’t supposed to do anything but take care of the baby the first week, and the second week you are allowed small things like short walks and “light” housework (what that means I have no clue).  My Dr doesn’t want me to drive for at least THREE weeks…that sucks since I am not comfortable taking Podling out in public just yet.  She hasn’t had her shots and people tend to be very touchy-feeley with babies, especially newborns.  When I see strangers coming near my kid(s) I don’t see nice people just wanting to see a baby or make conversation…I see germs.  I have no clue if they washed their hands after they pooped or if they have been out of country…or been around someone out of country.

Just because many diseases aren’t in the USA doesn’t meant they aren’t still around in other parts of the world.  I mean…look at measles…there was a outbreak in California not long ago that sickened some kids all because someone came back from some trip and gave it to a bunch of kids in the pediatricians office and at school.  Some of them were vaccinated (vaccines aren’t 100% effective), but some weren’t…a few were like Podling and too young to get the proper vaccine.  So…I don’t want to take that chance with Podling…she may not survive an infectious disease of that kind and we are adamant that you not be sick or had been sick or been around someone that has been sick in the past week if you visit and you have to wash your hands at least for a while  until her immune system is built up a bit.

Anyway, that is it for now.  I think might try to get a nap…


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