Our first week home…

Day 1 – Discharged from the hospital early in the morning. As the lady wheels me and Podling out of the hospital we wait on the curb for DH and Babyhead to get the car loaded and come pick us up. He didn’t park far but I see there is an argument going on between DH and BH. DH gets everything in the car and BH gets strapped in and they pull around to us. We get Podling in her new car seat and I carefully get in the car. DH tells me that their altercation while we were waiting on the curb was because BH didn’t understand what was going on and was yelling at him…”Daddy your not done! Mommy isn’t in the car yet!”. Poor BH. Hehe We both chuckle at that as we know he has been waiting for us to come home.We are all grateful for me and Podling to be home.

I have to say I didn’t feel as horrid this time around as last time. It is all kind of a blur from the time the csection started with Babyhead to the time he turned about 6m old. LOL I do remember feeling overwhelmed at first and in pain, but scared to take the meds they gave me once I got home because I am such a lightweight. However, this time I am actually feeling really well though still in some pain. I know how to cope with it this time though and I also have an idea of what to expect with a baby in the house!

Other than the MIL wanting to “help with the baby” when DH went to his softball game everything went well. It annoys me that people think mothers need help with babies…babies are easy to take care of…it is everything else we need help with. Besides, she didn’t want to really help but to hold her all day and make it where Podling won’t sleep anywhere but in our arms. We had rounds about that with Babyhead as well…and for weeks the only place BH would sleep was on our chest. You can’t get a lot of sleep when you are scared you may roll over and dump him in the floor…

But, I don’t want her helping with anything else either. I found my kitchen to be a complete disaster from her “helping”. I don’t know why they think pots belong in one place that is obviously not for pots…or that cups/glasses belong on the counter…it took me 45 minutes to find and put things where they belong. Not being anal (well maybe a little), but many of these things were stuff we would need NOW on a regular basis and she just put them where she thought they went. HELLO. Pots go with the other pots, sippy cups with the other sippy cups, etc. Anyway…

Babyhead did well with Podling in the hospital always wanting to hold and kiss her. We are anxious to see how he reacts to her being around all the time. So far he is ok with her. He still wants to hold and kiss her all the time. He does act out if one of us is holding her too long…but doesn’t direct it towards her. For that I am grateful. Maybe we can make this work after all…if I can keep MIL away from here for any length of time.

Day 2 – Happy 4th of July! The night didn’t go as well as we had hoped. I occurred to us that the nursery nurses probably keep the babies up all night poking and checking things…she was a bit restless so in turn so were we. I stayed up for a few hours with her to let DH get some sleep…then he took over one feeding so I could get another hour and a half. We managed, but I also realized she is very very gassy and doesn’t burp well. She has a tendency to drink only one ounce of milk every other hour unless we can manage a burp out of her. We really need to get some gas drops.

The day went pretty well though. DH has until Monday or Tuesday off…so he has taken over the “wifely duties” and washing dishes, making food, etc. He is very insistent that I don’t do anything except take care of Podling…which is what the Dr said. 🙂 I have no idea what I did to deserve him.

Day 3 -The night went better than expected. She woke up every 2.5 hours to eat and be changed…but I was smart this time around and as soon as she looked like she would stay asleep…I passed out on the couch. I also gave her a dose of gas drops before each feeding…so she did well with burping and would take a whole 2+ ounces. We slept in the living room last night just in case she was fussy again. While DH will help if I really need it…I also need to get on her schedule as he won’t be home but just a few days to help. We are going to try to move to our bedroom tonight. Hopefully it will work out the same way.

Day 4 – Last night went rather smoothly. She still woke up about every 2.5 hours but she went right back to sleep. The only problem was at 5am when she decided not to burp…then had a big burp and all the milk came up…and I had to feed her again….and change her clothes…and find new blankets…LOL. Other than that it went well.

Woke up in a bit of pain this morning, but I didn’t wear my binder yesterday or last night (It is a very wide elastic belt almost like a girdle that you wear post partum to help keep your tummy in and not saggy like a deflated balloon…it is actually quite comfortable when you have a c-section). I am ok so far…but very sore and achey in my joints and pelvic region. I’m not worried though…it will get better soon enough.

Day 5 – Last night wasn’t the best…but it could have been worse. Podling wanted to snack every hour instead of sleep…but at one point she did sleep for almost 4 hours not quite straight. I made her a bottle, but she wouldn’t take it. She just wanted to be changed and passed back out. Fine by me! She is making up for it today though with eating so it is all good. She does tend to sleep more during the day…so hopefully we are making progress to get her sleeping at night instead.

Babyhead is doing better today with his attitude. He told us today that I needed to hold Podling so Daddy could play a game with him. That is perfect for me…tell us what you want, don’t act out!

Day 6 – Last night went well considering I couldn’t really ask DH for help. He has to get up at 5am to go to work and since I can *try* to nap during the day the deal is during the week I get up all night (DH will of course take over for BH if he wakes up)…that way he doesn’t fall asleep on his way to work. The good thing is I can usually get some restful sleep (even if it is only 45 minutes) before I have to get up again. I just keep telling myself this is temporary…that she will eventually start sleeping more than 2 hours at a time…at night.

This was my first day of total aloneness with Babyhead and Podling. Everything was ok until DH came home…for some reason BH was ok most of the day (other than trying to do things with Lily he can’t do…like pick her up)…but as soon as DH was home he just really started to act out. I know he will get better…I just wish it would be sooner rather than later.

Day 7 – Wow. She let me sleep a whole 3.5 hours last night/this morning! Combine that with the few hours in the beginning of the night and I got almost 6-7 hours sleep! I know I shouldn’t count on it every night, but it at least gives me hope! If she would just do that every now and again so I can play a little catch up that would be great. She took about 3 oz give or take off and on all day yesterday, maybe that is a sign that she will start taking more milk and sleeping longer periods…

Night 7 – Wow…I got up at 1:30/2am for her bottle, she drank 1oz, and went back to sleep until 6!  Please let this be a sign!  I can handle 4hrs with a nap during the day!



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4 responses to “Our first week home…

  1. I can’t believe I have all this to look forward to – and strangely, I AM looking forward to it! Sounds like your DH is a star (I’m another luckky one – my Hubby is doing pretty much everything around the house apart from cooking and cleaning the bathroom, which I’m absoluely fine with!) – always nice to have an other half that digs in and keeps things ship-shape while you have more important things to do, like growing/looking after a baby!

    I had a feelingBH would just adore his baby sister – sounds like he’l be shaping up into great Big Brother material in no time at all.

    And I hope the sleeping continues to improve – after months of uncomfortableness at night with a bump, it seems cruel that Mother Nature should lamp us with more sleeplessness once the Bambino arrives too! Hope you’re getting plenty of rest and looking after yourself too. 🙂


  2. Certainly doesn’t sound dull – not for a moment. 🙂

  3. Wow… Night Seven sounds like a really really good sign! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the habit. 🙂

  4. tracya

    yikes! broodiness over…i like my sleep too much!!!