Who knew popsicles were mutli-purpose?

Last night we had to take Babyhead to the ER. It was a stupid accident, but an accident that warranted an ER visit none the less. He is fine today, but I am in a lot of pain from all the stress of last night. DH kept telling me to calm down…that is NOT what you say to a frantic mother of a child in severe pain.

I will start from the beginning.

Later in the night (around 9 or so) BH decided he wanted some mac n cheese. DH would be home from teaching his classes any minute so I waited. He actually was almost an hour late. Not his fault as he leases space from a dance studio and the dance classes went over by 30 minutes…so that pushed HIS classes over. It was closer to 10 before DH got home. DH walks in the door and I start the mac n cheese as he is almost always hungry when he gets back.

We are discussing our day and I am loading the dishwasher as the pasta boils. Of a sudden DH decides he wants to finish the mac n cheese, which is fine with me. I locate the colander and we are a team of holding the colander, pouring draining, putting back on the stove…you know the routine. As DH stirring the butter, milk and cheese powder into the pot I tell him I will take a quick shower since my legs were hurting to see if that might help me sleep.

No sooner had I turned the bathroom light on did I hear a high pitched scream from my son, then a “are you ok?” from DH. My first thought was he tried to eat it while it was too hot…BH does that sometimes even though we tell him he needs to blow on it first. I round the corner and one of my worst fears have come true.

I asked what happened, DH said BH put his hand on the burner.




I run to my son and scoop him up. I look at his hand, it doesn’t seem as bad as it could be but it is red and you can see the mark where the burner coils. Thank goodness that the burner had cooled off enough to not make his skin stick to it. However, being familiar with burns (I have had plenty of burns in my life) I knew it was going to blister. I rushed him to the bathroom and ran cold water over it. He still screamed, “it hurts, it hurts!”. My heart was breaking because I KNOW that pain.

The water obviously wasn’t helping much so I scoop him up again and take him to the living room, all the time my mind making a mental inventory of what is in our freezer. My mind landed on popsicles. One would be perfect as they would fit right in his hand. I tell DH to get him one while I comfort BH. All the time BH is shaking with pain (and I am wondering why it is taking so long to get a damn popsicle out of the freezer).

We get the popsicle and I instruct BH to hold it, that it would make it feel better. He starts to calm down so I ask for the popsicle back to see if his hand was swelling or blistering. It wasn’t, but of course after just a few seconds he starts screaming again so I give the popsicle back to him to hold.

While BH sits on my lap I run through all the possible things we can do…we can go to the store and get whatever they have…but that could take a while and even then what you buy OTC may not work. Should I take him to the ER then? They have that good burn stuff that helps and they may give him something for pain if it is still that bad when he is seen.

Luckily, the closest hospital has a fast track (not sure if they all do) so we didn’t have to wait all night to be seen. The nurse took him back and by that time I think the sting started to go away or the fact that the popsicle had numbed his hand helped. Either way he was ok by the time we got in the back. The Dr came in and took a quick look. He was actually amazed it wasn’t worse since he said many kids come in with their hands in bad shape. I told him I was sure we could have treated it at home, but that they could probably give him something that worked a bit better. He said yea, they will put that silver burn cream on it and gives us a script for more.

They bandaged his hand…though only the top fatty mound parts under the fingers were what was burned…some of his fingers were a little burned but not bad at all. Thank goodness it wasn’t his whole hand. Dr said it might blister up, and that was ok. Just keep a dressing on it and not pop the blister. Let it burst on it’s own. Now his hand looks like a baseball mitt. 🙂

BH was fine, but sleepy by the time we left. From the time we got there to the time we left we were there only an hour. Not bad for an ER visit. We get home, mac n cheese forgotten, and I give BH some diced pears before bed. I gave him some Tylenol and tucked him in bed and he fell asleep not long after with his little baseball mitt hand.

DH said that what happened was he had turned around for a minute to get bowls and BH just put his hand down. I was torn between screaming at him for not making BH get away from the stove since he wasn’t going to be there and comforting him (!) and letting him know it was an accident. I chose the comfort path as I knew DH was feeling guilty enough as it was. It really wasn’t a bad burn and we got the good burn cream from the ER so everything was ok now.

But, because of all that stress my belly is sore and my hips/legs/pelvis is killing me every time I move. Pebbles is really low now days and just puts pressure on everything and the stress doesn’t help.

Either way, Everyone is ok today. I just hope that another crisis doesn’t happen for a long time.



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3 responses to “Who knew popsicles were mutli-purpose?

  1. When I worked in the preschool we kept Popsicles to use for children with injuries usually mouth related ones. We did have boo-boo bunnies made from washcloths, dipped in water and frozen for other injuries.

  2. Wow, I’m really glad BH wasn’t hurt worse! You did the right thing by taking him to the ER.

    I definitely understand your frustration with hubby. Elf got a burn when he was about 12, he was making Ramen Noodles and accidentally poured boiling water on his hand. It was a terrible burn, and blistered right away. His dad (my late husband) told him to “suck it up”, and I was absolutely furious about that because I know late hubby would have rushed to the hospital as if he had suffered a life-threatening injury, IF if it was HIM suffering instead. Argh.

    We also got the silver compound from the ER, which does work great for burns. Another reason why you did the right thing; there’s no reason for BH to suffer unnecessarily.

    Give the little fella a popsicle (this time to eat!) and tell him Elf’s Mom hopes he feels better very soon! 🙂

  3. vesta44

    Kids can get hurt even when you’re in the room with them. My son did something similar when he was about 20 months old. I was living with my folks at the time, and their mobile home was wired weird, so you had to have the deep fryer on one side of the kitchen and the coffee pot on the other if you were using both of them at the same time. They had a round kitchen table, and it was against the wall. I plugged in the deep fryer on the table, and was putting the french fries in the basket so I could put them in the fryer (grease was hot and ready for them). While I was doing that, my son walked under the table and tripped over the cord to the fryer, pulling it off the table and dumping the grease on him and the carpet (yeah, my mom had carpet in the kitchen, orange shag carpet, what can I say, it was the 70’s). Luckily, my son was wearing heavy pants, heavy socks, and leather tennies (the grease hit him there). I grabbed him up, dumped him in the sink and ran cold water over his legs, then took his pants and shoes/socks off to see how bad it was. He was so lucky, the only place he had red spots from the hot grease were where his pants legs snapped on the inseam (2 little ones on one leg, that was it). He never cried, and the spots never even blistered (I felt so bad because he had been in the living room, playing, and then there he was, under the table). My dad was glad that he hadn’t gotten hurt worse, but when my mother got home, all she could do was bitch about the grease in the carpet (nothing was said about “is he okay”). I got the grease out of the carpet, but the heat of it had warped the plastic moisture barrier on the back.