The List

What I am going to eat after this month (though not all at once):

  1. Chili’s Molten Chocolate Cake
  2. M&Ms
  3. Donuts
  4. Count Chocula Cereal
  5. Milkshake
  6. Chocolate Ice Cream w/Waffle Cone
  7. Pasta Salad
  8. White Cheddar Pasta Roni
  9. Non-Diet Dr Pepper
  10. Cake
  11. Cookies
  12. Chips
  13. Hershey Bar
  14. Mashed Potatoes
  15. Pirogies
  16. Hot Fudge Sundae w/Coke (like a float…this is a homemade thing)

**This list is evolving, there are likely more things I will add at a later date.


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