36 weeks and counting…

Getting closer to a time where I can actually roll over in bed and sleep on my stomach/back!  Yay!  I am still sick of Dr’s appointments though.  This 2-3 times a week has got to go.  Friday I went for my non-stress test and of course Pebbles wasn’t going to cooperate.  Instead of not moving, she decided to move all over the place making the graph they use unusable.  I had to have an ultrasound for it and they have to watch her move 3 times…which of course she decided she was tired and refused to move no matter how much I poked.  *sigh*

Even so, as I am sitting there for the NST hooked up to the monitors I started getting this sharp back painon and off…I thought that is exactly what it was (back pain) but when the nurse came over she asked me if I was feeling contractions because I had a few…I told her that yes I did, but they were in my back so it didn’t register they could have been contractions!  My BHC only happen in the front and take my breath away…this was a sharp pain in my lower kidney area…nothing significant and not close together or consistent…but it makes me wonder…

This week I get to have 2 more NST and an ultrasound, but this one will be looking at her and checking her growth, not just checking fluid levels and movement.  I hope we can get another good look at her face, but I am thinking she will still have her hands in the way!

I had decided that I didn’t want anyone to visit in the hospital (except Babyhead and DH).  DH got offended last night because he wants to be with Pebbles too while I am there.  I told him that no one said he couldn’t come visit…just didn’t want anyone else there.  I also said that he can always drop BH at the ILs and come visit as long as he wanted.  I can understand that concern since he can’t take a whole month like he did with Babyhead (he was laid off work right before BH was born and didn’t go to back work until a month and a half later).  He wants to spend some time with Pebbles and all the time he is going to get is in the hospital…it just sucks he hasn’t been with the new job long enough to accrue any real amount of vacation time (he gets two weeks, but he has to build that time up).

We did work out, though, that he did have some time built up, and that IS 4th of July week so he automatically gets that Friday off…so the Master Plan is for him to take off that Monday – Thursday and then Monday and Tuesday of the next week…then he will just work a little later on that following Friday so he will have plenty of days with Pebbles.

Now, I just need to make sure that people don’t decide to visit that Thursday and Friday when I get home.  I remember with Babyhead that I was shot when I got home (remember, it IS major surgery) so I really want some alone time to just recover before dealing with people trying to “help”.


We went to see the BIL and his wife in Maryland this weekend.  I like visiting them actually and they took us to IKEA!!!  There really isn’t a close IKEA here except in Philly…and I do NOT want to go to South Philly!  I just don’t like the city…  The only other ones are about an hour or more away…it would only pay to drive there if we KNEW what we were getting so we didn’t have to pay for shipping.

I have to say that store is great.  It helped a ton to be able to actually LOOK at the products and not just see them online.  We have a plan now of how to organize our home a little better…first a pantry (not from IKEA) to help out with our tiny apartment kitchen.  Then a 5×5 block bookcase from IKEA to help tame our living room.  We are also going to go through BH’s toys and get rid of things he has forgotten about.  They will be given to a friend for her younger son or just tossed.  After that we are going to work on our media storage…right now we have an old kitchen cabinet that serves to hold our DVDs (we found one we like at Best Buy)…we want something nicer…and then finally getting ourselves a much needed Dresser/chest of drawers for our room.

I am soo excited!


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