Sick Day – Updated…maybe

So, Babyhead’s fever got worse yesterday/last night.  It climbed to 103 last night.  It was just so weird that there was no other symptoms of this illness.  No rash, no vomiting…nothing.  He did have delirious dreams though…quite often he would sing or cry or talk in his sleep and was just all around fidgety.    We feared he may fall off the couch he was rolling around so much.  Tylenol and Motrin seems to calm the fever some, but at one point it didn’t really lower it.

So, at 12:30 or so I gave him one more dose of medicine and put him in his bed (it is bigger than the couch so less likely for him to fall off) and I headed to bed as well, worried that he was just going to get worse in the night and I would sleep through it.  I was exhausted though and knew DH would be waking up in a few hours and checking on him.

Around 5:30 or so Babyhead came in bed with me right as DH was getting up and he was cool as a cucumber.  I guess at some point in the night his fever finally broke (which makes sense as he was sweating something horrible last night the last time I had gotten up to go pee and check on him).  He climbed next to me as DH got up and we both went back to sleep after gathering the requisite Moo Cow and Monkey.

Around 9 when the TV turns on (my alarm clock to make sure I don’t sleep TOO late) he jumped up and watched Handy Manny.  I rolled over and he looked well again…no more sick looking eyes (you know how kids always have a sick look in their eyes when they aren’t feeling well?).  We just hung out on the bed for a while and he was up and jumping around.  That is good.  I am going to watch him the rest of the day to make sure his fever doesn’t come back.

Maybe it is finally passed…I hate it when he is sick.  😦


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  1. Glad he is doing better.