Sick Day

Babyhead is sickly today.  He had a fever yesterday, not high but high enough.  I have to say I am one lucky mom…he wasn’t whiny or clingy at all, just wanted to be on the couch and watch cartoons all day.  Today was the same way though his fever did spike a bit…enough to make him throw up his juice.  😦  Poor baby just looked confused as there was juice all over the place (including me).

Took him to the tub, we both got in and washed and I told him to hang out and play in the water while I cleaned up the juice and got him some clean clothes.  All the poor child did was sit there in the water.  When I got him out he was shivering cold…did I mention it was 80 degrees in here?  Got him dried and dressed asap and put him back down on the couch. He is still happy though you can tell he doesn’t feel well…but he keeps giving me a narrative on the cartoons with the occasional “Silly Scooby” or “Stupid dog”.

The worst part is he threw up most of the Tylenol I gave him so now I can’t give him anything but Motrin…and that isn’t working as well as the Tylenol.  😦  I hope he gets better soon.  I hate to see my Babyhead sick.  I am so used to him bouncing off the walls that it just doesn’t seem natural for him to NOT be pinging back and forth.

My poor Babyhead.

Maybe tomorrow he will be better.  If not, off to the drs office we go…


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  1. Poor Babyhead. Hope he gets better soon.