Something Different for Mother’s Day

Dear Friend,

I hope you’ll join me and tens of thousands of others in one of the most exciting grassroots movement on the Internet: ( is working to build a massive grassroots movement big enough to impact the outcome of the 2008 elections and beyond. The time has come to break the logjam that’s been holding back family-friendly legislation for decades. It’s going to take all of us–and then some–working together to get there.

MomsRising gives mothers, and all who have mothers, a voice in shaping the laws & policies that affect our lives. You can sign online petitions on timely issues like healthcare, flexible work options, paid family leave, childcare, living wages, and more, or you can just sign up to receive email alerts, all for free.

I hope you’ll join us today at:

And, as a member of, I’ve already helped with some key wins! We were key players in passing Paid Family Leave in Washington and New Jersey (a policy that almost every other country in the world has!). And paid sick days legislation passed in D.C., is moving in many states, and with mom power it’s looking like it’s going to pass. A couple of weeks ago members emailed in over 42,000 letters to Congress opposing funding cuts to afterschool programs and two congressional hearing were set up in response. MomsRising members were also able to influence a section of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act to eliminate toxic chemicals. Members have also held 44 meetings with U.S. Senate Offices in support of the Fair Pay Restoration Act in the past several weeks. And we continue to have house parties to show the Motherhood Manifesto film all across the nation.

I hope you’ll join me. It’s time to help children and families. It’s time to build a truly family-friendly America.

It takes just 30 seconds to sign on, but your impact goes on much longer than that 30 seconds.

Thank you!


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  1. I hadn’t even realised it was Mothers’ Day over your way till you left a comment on my blog! Hope you had a fantastic day! 🙂