Happy Birthday to Meee…

Ok…32 years down…another 60+ to go!  LOL

I have to say I was dreading this day because of Babyhead’s surgery…I wasn’t sure what to expect for he 2nd day…but he woke up bright and early and happy and even singing Happy Birthday (though I am sure that is coincidence!)!  So, I am hoping today won’t be too bad after all!  AND…DH DID get my swing I have been asking for for what…4years!  LOL  So, all in all it is a good day!



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday to Meee…

  1. I’mso sorry I missed your birthday! I knew there was one I was missing and I just couldn’t think whose it was! Anyway, I’m glad you had a great birthday, and that you got your swing, and that the little’un is fine and dandy (I knew he would be!).

  2. tracya

    happy birthday!!! what a great age, 32, great husband and almost 2 two kids…ENJOY!
    big hugs to you!!!