“Big Scratch”

We took a picture of Babyhead’s incision and let him see it…he says..”owowowow…big scratch!”

To see the before pic….click here.

Owowowow is right! However, he is in good spirits and eating and drinking well tonight. I will of course keep you updated.

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6 responses to ““Big Scratch”

  1. Amie

    Hi there,

    Thank you for posting your story as my daughter also has a mark on her head and it makes me want another opion as my Doctor said its just a birthmark. It never hurts to look into. Id rather findout now than later..

    Thanks again


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  3. Lucille Perfetto

    hi hope ur baby is well my son has been seeing a dermatologist since he was 2 months old he is turning 4 next week and i recently took him to my ped. who seemed quite concerned and advises us to have it removed asap i would like to know how was the surg.,recov., and how was it for u as a mom and of course the baby thankyou!!

  4. HI!

    More for medical reasons. If you read the one website I linked to, you would find that sometimes these things can turn to cancer, especially around puberty. We felt the scar was worth the surgery because of the risk of cancer later on…

    I would suggest seeing a plastic surgeon as that is who said we needed surgery and did the surgery..

  5. Lona


    Could I ask if the NS was removed due to medical reasons or cosmesis?

    I am a 23yr old and have NS on the front right hand side of my scalp. I’ve always wondered what it was and recently went to see my doctor who wasn’t much use – he simply proded it and stated “oh, I don’t think this has got a name!”
    After not being satisfied with that answer I started to look up images of various nevi and came across a pic of NS and knew immediatley it was what I had on my scalp only two parallel lesions.

    I’m off to see another doctor for a second opinion, only this time I’m armed with a name for the thing!

    Could you tell me what your doctor suggested for the little one? I’m a bit concerned about the scar that was left for such a small mark as I think my NS is almost twice the size.

    All the best x

  6. tracya

    wow, that is a big scratch! hope is back to his old self soon, kids tend to bounce back quickly!