Babyhead had his surgery…

Just a quick note to all that Babyhead had his Nevus Sebaceous surgery and that he is home now. It took about 3 hours from the time we got there to the time we left…not bad at all. DH had a more difficult time that I did, amazingly, when they took BH back. He did wake up bad though, he hated the IV! LOL But I don’t know of anyone who LIKES IVs.

So far he is doing well. He can have clear liquids for a while, then he can have stuff like broth for a while, then if he tolerates all that he can have soft foods like mashed potatoes. It all really depends on how he deals with the anesthesia.

He is now sleeping on the couch in that blessed drugged state you have after surgery. His head looks icky though…for such a small spot he had a huge incision! They don’t like bandages on it because your head will sweat…so that isn’t good. I do have to put ointment on it a few times a day though.

Anyway, all is well so far! Thanks to all for your thoughts and well wishes!



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  1. juanita vera

    my daughter,tiara was born with nevus sebaceus in her head but i asked the doctor what was that and the doctor said that,that was just one of the nurses trying to bring her in the world so i never put any mind to it till now and she is almost 11 years old and i toke her to the dermatologist and they told me what it was so…im afraid and i hope that they can remove it as soon as possible if your child is born with this please ask a dermatologist because ive seen alot of doctors and they didnt tell me anyting until i went to see a dermatologist

  2. Shelley

    Is it common to have surgery with no pre-op lab work? Prior to Noahs surgery we had not tests of any kiind. I feel we should have had some testing but we had nothing . I’m terrified this tumor was big 2 1/2″ X 2″ . Also the time between the biopsy and the surgery the surgeon measured it and said that it had grown and that was only a span of 13 days.

    [Babyhead didn’t have any pre-op lab work done for his. We just went in to see the surgeon and a few months later went in for the surgery itself. If it was growing then you should probably go back to the same surgeon. Insurance should cover it since it is still the same issue as before and get his opinion. You should definitely get another doctor than the other one though…don’t wait, just go to another doctor now.]

  3. Shelley

    My son Noah is 10 and just got a s. nevus removed 68 days ago it was on his head and had it since birth. It started bothering him itching,bleeding so we went to his Doc and he said it had to be removed now and that it should have been off years ago. I was floored. We have used this doc for about 6 years and he was just now suggesting that it come off. The surgery went well and he healed perfectly but the n45 days post op he had a big spot come back I panicked. We went back to the doc and he carterized it twice and it has heald again but I requested a 2nd opinion and my doc is dragging his feet It has been 2 weeks since I asked to go to a Childrens Hosp we are close to Little Rock but he wont send us. Not to mention we had a biopsy 1st results: Sebaceous Nevus 2nd: tumor sent to diff lab results : NOT Sebaceous Nevus sent to 3rd lab results: same as first lab come to find out it was the 1st lab again. He used the same lab for the 1st and 3rd tests. I need help should I be worried more than I am? Or am I being to critical? I’m open to any and all suggestions email me : [email removed for privacy purposes.]

  4. Jodie

    Hi my daughter, not quite 3 wks old was born with a sebaceous nevus on scalp. I would like it removed asap, but wondering when is best if they need to undergo a GA. Has anyone heard of a bub having a local for this procedure.

    [If she is 3 weeks old you have time. Most doctors just want it removed before puberty as that is when all the issues can start. It is best to get the opinion of a doctor, but don’t be in any rush. We decided to get Babyhead’s taken off this year only because I was pregnant at the time and wanted to spend as much time as he may have needed with him and not have to split my time between him and the baby. They only reason they put him under GA is because of his age…he wasn’t old enough to sit still.]

  5. Shawna

    Thank you so much for posting your information with pictures. After seeing 3 different doctors I finally have 2 doctors agreeing that one of the spot(s) on my baby boys head is Nevus Sebaceous. The other spot (on the back of his head) is being called a “Wooly hair nevus” and the doctor recommends not removing this as the surgery is more complicated and as long as hair grows in that area the risk of cancer is much less.

    The doctor at Children’s recommends removing the spot on the top of his head sooner rather than later because NS is known to grow as the child grows. I certainly do not want to run the risk of this turning into cancer (however; based on what I found it there is a 15-30% risk of cancer), but I’m struggling with when to have this procedure done. I’ve also read several articles that say that in the past the “standard” was to remove these spots, but people are now saying to wait. I’m having mixed feelings on when to have the surgery….I want to do it sooner because I don’t a huge scar, but I’m nervous about my son being put under and the surgery itself.

    The pictures you posted have given me an idea of how big the scar will be…I have to admit that I was a little shocked on the size of the scar for how small the original spot was. My son’s spot is about the same size as what your son’s was – at least I know what to expect, which eases some of my concern.

    I can’t thank you enough and I hope your son is doing well.

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  8. Glad to hear that everything went well, honey! Kepp us updated on his progress.