Everyone needs a vacation like ours. It took us 15 hours this time, unlike the usual 12 hours. But, this time I was pregnant and had to stop more often. We also stopped often to eat. We left the house around 6:30 or so and still got in around 9:30 (you have to take in the hour time difference). It wasn’t a rough drive until the end, DH decided he wanted to do most of the driving where we usually take turns. He thought it would be easier on me…though I did drive the last few hours since I knew more where we were going once we got into Tennessee. We always haul ass like a bat out of hell down there and take our time back. It just seems those last few hours take forever!

We went to stay with my dad. He lives in the middle of a half a dozen farms and he knows everyone there. Our days consisted of getting up around 7 or 8 (we always get up early there, but there it is an hour behind) and eating breakfast…if it was a weekend day my step mom made us a big breakfast with bacon, sausage, eggs, gravy and homemade biscuits…mmm.

Taken from the back porch. It looks like this all around the house. The building on the right is my dad’s barn where he keeps all his tractors and tools and such.

Then Babyhead would let his wishes be known such as going to see the cows or going to the pond (my dad has a fishing pond right behind his house he keeps stocked with fish). There is also a pumpkin patch farm right down the road that has a sand pit, corn box and other fun things to do that we would take him to. Daddy drives the tractor for the guy that owns it so he said we could come down at any time and visit.

Cows…obviously…taken on one of Babyhead’s trips to see the cows.

After that, there would be “nap time”. Daddy would take a nap, then Babyhead, then DH, then me. Many times DH would even fall asleep on the porch swing (he did that last trip as well). The funny part to that is this year there were carpenter bees out and one decided to land on his face as he tried to sleep! As you can see below…they enjoyed their naps! Then we would get up and Aidan would let us know what he wanted to do again and at the end of the day sometimes step mom’s family would stop by, sometimes not. She would always cook though and then we would go to bed around 9:30 or so and just repeat the following day.

I tried to get those pictures into one, but I didn’t have enough room to backup. I thought it was great how all 3 of them had the same position!

We did have our first fishing excursion at the pond. Babyhead didn’t quite get the idea of leaving the line in the water, but he had fun anyway. DH would cast the line, and when he actually did get the line in the water and not on the bank, Babyhead would take over with the rod and reel. It was all very cute. 🙂 We didn’t catch anything though, it had just rained (stormed actually) and sometimes fish don’t like to bite then.  The one thing we all did get was SUNBURNED!  LOL

We did have a few crisis. Daddy has a porch swing and another swing out in the yard. The first crisis is when step mom’s HUGE family came over and Babyhead was playing outside with the slew of kids. He decided it was a good idea to pull them off the swing in the yard (they are older than he, but they loved playing with him anyway)…he slipped and fell backwards and bumped his head on a rock in the yard.

Another day, we were playing bubbles outside in the front and he decided to chase the bubbles, and thought it was a good idea to stand on the porch swing. Of course, we told him to sit down on the swing, but he didn’t listen. Just as we were getting ready to go get him off of it, he jerked around, made the swing rock and he fell off the swing onto the concrete porch. He got a road rash on his head, a bad bruise on his hip/back and cut his elbow. He was ok…but scared us to death!

Babyhead also came home with a ton of scrapes and bruises just by playing outside! It was nice that Daddy lives far enough away from the road that we could just sit and watch Babyhead play and not worry too much and stay on top of him the whole time. I enjoyed playing with bubbles and just in general running and playing. Not sure where all the bruises came from but I am sure many came from him jumping off of the front porch! I told everyone that I hope they get better before he goes in for his surgery…I don’t want them to think we abused him when all we did is let him run wild in the country!

Our biggest adventure though was finding my sister’s new place. They sold their house and are renting at the moment until they can find a house they want to buy. They moved to a different town and though it wasn’t far away, I had to remember how to get to the town! When we got there she took us to the new shopping center next to her…it had a Barnes & Noble so we went in.

I got this cool giant bubble making kit. Who would ever know it would be so specific to make big bubbles! You need Lemon Joy dish soap, cornstarch, baking powder (NOT soda) and a bucket big enough for 12 cups of water. We tried it at my sister’s house and though we didn’t make the giant 50ft bubbles the book talks about…we did make some mighty big bubbles! Although, I didn’t have my camera out when we did make them! LOL

We also had some Krystal’s at my sister’s house. If you don’t know what Krystal is, it is like White Castle…but BETTER. We also had Whitt’s BBQ while we were down. Mmmmmm. Whitt’s BBQ….

We also traveled “to town” since my dad lives in the boondocks, and had fun trying to find a shoe store. It takes about 15 minutes to drive “to town” from my dad’s house…but it was nice finding our way so if we wanted or needed to go to Walmart we knew the way (not to mention now we know how to get to Krystal’s and Whitt’s BBQ!). I thought we might find cheaper shoes down there and we had yet to buy both of us a new pair of sneaks. Unfortunately the few shoe stores they had in Small Town, USA didn’t carry Adidas…and those are the only sneaks I will buy for myself…so we ended up buying them after I got back from my glucose test…I have to post a picture so Courtney won’t show me up with new shoes!

My New Adidas

Now, I will say I was looking for a darker shoe…but it is hard to find women’s shoes that are dark/black with no color and I didn’t like the men’s selection. I thought these were nice even though they were white and the blue wasn’t to showy like the pink I saw. Either way I think I will be totally happy with these shoes! They are nice an fluffy in the inside!

All in all, we just didn’t worry about anything. We just hung out and took it day by day. I have to say I felt totally relaxed down there and I feel 110% better now that I am home. I was feeling kinda icky and sick the past few months and I think the vacation was just what I needed to get away. I felt soo good down there! My stomach wasn’t upset like it had been…the aches and pains I had been having were all but gone (I did get some butt cheek cramps when we would walk to the pond) and I just felt all around better.

My dad was all choked up when we left. He always is. Daddy tried hard to bond with DH this past week. He got DH to drive his Gator AND his truck! Wow. He also took him to the Men’s Club meeting of the area. DH didn’t mind at all and thought it was nice to have something to do and be included. I got to bond a little with my step mom…I don’t talk to my mom really anymore so she is the closest I have with the exception of my MIL. We don’t even consider my mother Babyhead’s grandmother…we consider step mom to be his grandmother. Needless to say I didn’t call her and let her know I was down…I had no intention to visit her, she wouldn’t come to Daddy’s house either. That was fine with me. I didn’t need the stress she would inevitably cause.

I think the most disappointing part was when I called friends to visit me and no one showed up. The only one who made an effort to visit was my oldest sister. Now, I understand life gets in the way sometimes…but if I had a friend or family member who lived 800 miles away and only comes down once a year and said they couldn’t really drive all over to visit and wanted me to take some time out of my day to visit them…I sure as hell would find the time. It was kinda depressing that they couldn’t make a few hours to come and see me at my dad’s house. Yea, it is about a 45 minute drive from where most of them live…but you have to remember we had just driven 15 hours. I think we had a right to request people to come and see us. My other sister…well…she has issues. That’s all I have to say about that.

We took two days coming back. DH wanted to stop at the same hotel we stopped at last time. It is nice enough, but the air conditioner didn’t work and it was late and I didn’t feel like calling someone to fix it…so I was hot all night. We slept very little because of it, though Babyhead slept like a log…of course! He wasn’t the one who had to drive! To be $100 a night I really expected better though, to be honest. The shower head was crooked and I had to either stand close to the edge of the tub or next to the wall. And there was this annoying creaking noise from above us…not sure what that was about.

We didn’t stop on the second day back though. We just wanted to get home and food was the last thing on our minds so we just ate our snacks. It was probably a bad idea on my part, but I just wanted to get home. We ordered take out when we got in later in the day…me a hamburger and he a cheesesteak, Babyhead had french fries….that was my last real meal until after my glucose test. It was actually really really good! LOL

Well, that is about it. It was pretty uneventful…just my kind of vacation! DH and I talked about it and yea, we could go places and do things, but we would be stressed out and not have as much a good time. These visits home are perfect for relaxing and just getting away and unplugged.

Anyway, that was our vacation…nothing spectacular…but very very relaxing.



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  1. That sounds like my kind of vacation! It sounds like you all had a great time, and were able to get your batteries recharged.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. It makes me want to take one! 🙂